Milton Keynes-6th October 2013

Location of Sighting: Milton Keynes
Date of Sighting: 06.10.13
Time: 20.50
Witness Name: Mark,Sarah & Luke Pateman

Witness Statement: Myself, my wife and my son Luke where standing outside in the back garden watching the planes going across the sky, we noticed one object in particular that did not move like any conventional aircraft as it moved up and down and glowed a very bright green, as it became still the object began to pulsate green and orange very very rapidly, it looked like something out of close encounter’s, the object then descended behind the top of the house opposite and as it did it shot across the sky and out of view.
I can not believe what we all witnessed, my wife looked at me I looked at my son who asked what it was!
The whole episode lasted a few minutes including me shouting to my son to get my phone so I could take the photo’s.
The strange thing is that the pictures have come out without the object glowing or pulsating and in one of the photo’s the object looks like a triangle.
See what you guy’s think.


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Updated: October 7, 2013 — 7:55 pm


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  1. I saw something very strange last night (7 October 2013) at approx. 20.15 in the countryside (there are no street lights) near Andover in Hampshire. I was driving up a hill and 2 Green streaks parallel to each other, whizzed by at around tree height in front of my car, it was one after the other in about 2 seconds I did not stop too look at where they went as were in the middle of nowhere and was quite scarey my daughter and I both saw it. We did not hear any noise. It was like a green aura around something, but could only see black in the middle (probably about the size of a fighter jet).

  2. I can’t believe it either. The photos show something that could be a star, and a scratch or eye lash on the lens.

  3. In reply to the second comment, A star does not move in the way we witnessed it, We thought it could have been an aircraft but dismissed that because of the erratic movement of the object & the speed at which it shot off! Oh and the iphone is brand new, no scratches and no eye lashes!!!!

  4. I know it’s a mantra of mine but had this object “shot off” as you described, it would have created a sonic boom. If it didn’t, it would either have to be outside the earth’s atmosphere or from a light source or similar.

  5. Really, new or not scratches happen and eyelashes happen! A star can appear to move if you move your head quickly.

    There are many photos on this site, at day time and at night. Despite the sophistication of cameras, no one and I mean no one, has actually snapped a good clear outline of a triangle, orb, saucer, barrel, drone or an alien yet!

  6. I also saw something strange on 06/10/2013 at 03.20 hours,
    I thought there was a helicopter outside and I got up to have a look, it was a mainly clear sky and I could see the stars, however the object I saw definately wasn’t a helicopter as there was no sound. It was a couple of hundred feet up and probably less than quarter of a mile away. I then started looking around and could see more of them there were five in total. They were stationery and hovering.
    I can describe them as vertical, and slim in Shape with many white red and blue lights down them, they were probably about 20-30 ft in height.
    I thought it was my eyes playing tricks with me, but then one came across the sky vertically in front of me and stopped about 200 yards away form my house. I know what I saw but have no other explanation than they were either some new technology, or ufos.
    I wonder if these are related? I even posted on fb to see if anyone else could see them at the same time! Something I am not normally prone to do.

  7. “strange thing is that the pictures have come out without the object glowing or pulsating”

    Hardly strange, it simply wasn’t bright enough. I have no idea what it was, but am sure T Wood will suggest an alternative dimension explanation.

  8. Two orange lights hovering over hitchin sky’s on 14 th October 2013

  9. Arron, how did no-one else see this given the proximity of numerous hotels and a leisure complex? Also am not sure how you’d be able to observe something traversing the sky as you describe given the light pollution in the area? Sorry, but that’s just me being practical.

  10. Mr Gary Glitter….
    Many people saw this. There was a whole bunch of people doing running at Campbell that had stopped to look….plus other people was around. Don’t get me wrong it could have been anything but what I’m saying is I see this for myself not that far from me so it was easy to see….Chuck that light pollution theory i thought the thing was gonna land.

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