Milverton, Somerset-15th March 2009

Location of Sighting: Milverton Somerset
Date of Sighting: 15th March 2009
Time: 7.45pm
Witness: Stacey

Witness Statement: Saw a bright orange, what I thought to be the planet of saturn, (!) at around 7.40pm this evening in milverton, somerset.. as luck would have it I had my basic telescope in the car, grabbed it, but couldnt focus on the orange light? saw 2 teeny white lights side by side pass the orange ball through the scope which I assumed were satellites,they focused well, and could focus on other stars, the orange light became less bright after 3 minutes or so, still unable to focus on it , couldnt see any cloud which would dull the orange light, id describe it as bright, moving (although still) like gases around it, possibly a shape but excitment got the better of me to make anything out before it became duller, & then it went away, moving away from me, heading south west direction I think.

Source:Direct request on UK-UFO

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  1. “id describe it as bright, moving (although still) like gases around it”

    Thus UFO seems to have a gas or vapour field around it:

    More images and report on this page:

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