Milverton Somerset-27th September 2014

Location of Sighting: Milverton Somerset
Date of Sighting: 27th September 2014
Time: Approx 2am
Witness Name: N Quarmby

Witness Statement: I was at a party with my husband it was late, and we were watching fire jugglers, I turned to look at the sky, as I thought I saw a spectacular shooting star, what I thought was a shooting star transformed into three lights which formed a perfect triangle pointing towards the earth, each corner was lit very brightly, I know it was not a plane or helicopter, my husband also witnessed this, It was a perfectly clear night also, which the lights were much brighter than the stars and much bigger, it looked like it was hovering, then vanished, did anyone else see anything like this last night, very intrigued to say the least


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Updated: September 27, 2014 — 9:06 pm


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  1. Possibly Atlantic Airlines flight NPT005L which flew south of you to Exeter, then did a number of circuits before heading to East Midlands Airport flying north of you?
    Wing and nose lights can be misleading…

    Having said that you are in an interesting area for orb sightings, especially on a line drawn from the Bristol channel north of Taunton to Somerton

  2. On the 22 sept I saw what I thought was a shooting star, that changed into a red glowing (like reflecting) object, and it slowed down.

  3. I have to ask… What would an imperfect triangle have looked like?

  4. “I know it was not a plane or helicopter,”

    How can you be sure? The description certainly points towards a helicopter of some sort?

  5. Nothing like a super party… 😉

  6. Sonmi

    I would presume she means an equilateral triangle when she says ‘perfect’. An imperfect triangle would be scalene where the length of each side is different so the lights would be spaced irregularly

  7. This does not ring true to me. QED!

  8. @Bowler… I guess I’m just swamped by all these sightings of ‘three lights’ always making ‘triangles’!! I mean “wow”… there was I thinking any position of three lights (except all on a straight line) would, by definition make a ‘triangle’. Why people can’t just say ‘three lights’, and only go on to make the point if they are indeed all in single file, is beyond me! Personally I wouldn’t assume that the OP meant an equilateral triangle, I get the impression reports on here call any triangle ‘perfect’. Anyway…
    N Quarnby : What size was this ‘triangle’? Was it ‘big’… by that I mean a few hand’s widths across when held at arm’s length? It’s just the the late summer skies are dominated by what’s called the ‘Summer Triangle’ made by the three stars Altair, Deneb Cygnii and Vega (from memory). If it wasn’t that big then please can you give us some clues as to what size it was? apparent height above the horizon? direction? Then we may be able to help explain it for you. Thanks.

  9. “here was I thinking any position of three lights (except all on a straight line) would, by definition make a ‘triangle’”

    Indeed. An interesting aside here; some pretty deep research into the infamous ‘Belgian Triangle Flap’ has suggested that, in fact, many of said sightings were in fact helicopters, with the lights suggesting triangular craft.

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