MOD Burghfield Reading-11th September 2004

Location of Sighting: MOD Burghfield Reading, UK
Date of Sighting: 11th September 2004
Time: 7.ooam
Witness Name: Michael

Witness Statement: left daughters house in burghfield heading for tilehurst home, early morning between 6.30 to 8.30, as we approached church lane, I glanced out at the trees on my side of the van we was in, there are bad bends in the road at this point, and… my wife screamed out “WATCH OUT” hit brakes just managed to stop before going in ditch on my left, ” whats wrong with you ” she said by this time i was looking straight ahead afraid to look again without her confirmation, “have a look out my side window
,What does it look like ” I said ” a spaceship” was her answer drove the van up the road a bit to get a better look, stopped the van and I got out of it to get a better view, WOW PWEW from being scared to death one minute to amazement in heart if thats the feeling, felt privaliged, felt as if i was gifted to see such an event, this craft was hovering over a field no more than 50 yards away about 200 feet in the air it was 100–200 yards across 30 yards deep, looked saturn like in shape, had a set of windows running through the middle all different colours, looked as if they were flashing but maybe it was the rushing clouds inside the craft that gave this impression, the clouds were all small but were different shades, and they looked as if they were thundery, rushing through the ship, It was at this point I decided to tell myself to remember every detail as I was seeing something that was going to get investigated and my information could be of
signigavance, we watch it for about five minutes no more, the ship moved off in an arc shape to our right going up as it moved, its path took it straight over the atomic research base 500 yards away, then it went parrallel to the M4 motorway towards London, here is where we lost sight of the ship, it dissappeard out of our sight (to far off to see) I drove up the road 500 yards and parked the van to see it thier was any thing that I could add to this ufo sighting, YES the weather it was a bright morning dont think i saw the sun up yet but it was bright moring the best sky ive ever seen all light blue not a cloud in the sky anywhere, none not even a planes energy trail nothing. But thier was two other objects in the sky, the moon looking like this ( in shape although tilted more, under this moon i saw a star shinning as bright as any flickering quite large for a star i thought maybe its the space station, the star or space station was just below it
about a quarter of an inch between your fingers looking up at it, remembering all the events of that day was going to be easy, or so i thought, we told our family first about the sighting and some were sceptic and others laughed, three days later there was a news article asking if anyone had seen any ufos lately, i was exspecting the press to be full of this siteng but thier was none, it was then i felt as if we were being tested for our integrity or our abilty to be trusted wierd feeling, did nothing about it for 4 years or so, something triggered off my wondering why?

Started reading up about ufo sighting and people near where i live who i could ask some questions, and i told him all i told you, then he asked me what day it was? forgot the date ? couldn t remember the date ? for over two years couldn t nail down the date? nightmare? then the other week i ask my wife to see when our passports run out? keeps them in a draw with other things birth certificates, insurancecs, etc, she came down the stairs with a piece of paper torn off dated 11th september 2004 and she had written on it SPACEDAY, brilliant as so i thought, easy now to find evidence? EVIDENCE OF THE SPACESHIP? So easy, no chance,
(1) M4 motorway cams must have recorded it, the traffic police, and the BBC, have access to these road cams, no reply?
(2) weather photos of that morning sky again BBC and weather stations have this evidence no reply?
(3) Google earth must have evidence of the spaceship that day where is it?no reply?
(4) M.O.D Base has twenty or more cameras that could have recorded its flight?
Researchers the police, google earth, weather cam sites, mod, all got this evidence?
can t belive theres no evidence other than our sighting?


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  1. That must have been quite an experience! I think your best bet for supporting evidence will be searching through ufo forums and local newspaper archives. A lot of webcam footage is only kept for a short time. Two of the possible sources you mention won’t come up with anything I’m afraid: weather stations don’t make photographic observations, and Google Earth isn’t a real-time archive, but a mosaic of images taken on several random dates.

    you talk a load of rubbish kept for a shot time lol,
    weather stations do take photoes, and google is real time but not allowed to show,#
    michael lewendon

  3. Michael and you did not report it to the police? Over a nuclear facility and I think the Concorde corridor was still in operation?

    How strange? Especially at that time of the morning in the two hour window you say you saw the object, Reading and the surrounding area is very, very busy with people getting to work in cars. Nothing on the news? Your wife must have told people?

    Sorry, this does not gel with me.

  4. sorry stephen, A lot of webcam footage is only kept for a short time. Two of the possible sources you mention won’t come up with anything I’m afraid: weather stations don’t make photographic observations, and Google Earth isn’t a real-time archive,
    webcam footage of the spaceship only kept for a short time you say? yea right?
    a weather man that takes photos of the sky near MOD burghfield sends his results to NASA and tells me his cameras are not facing that way and i should get hold of the weather station that supplies NASA with that areas photos, google earth said they had problems that day in that area?
    hi nemo,
    Concorde corridor was still in operation? do not understand this observation? did not report it to police as it was so obvious and huge and did not believe for one minute we were on our own in seeing this? also agree with you that time,where were other people driving to work etc? we watched it for some time, never saw any other cars until we reached the M4 bridge? im not trying to convince anyone of what we saw but i’m knowing theres no evidence on this planet this didn’t happen,
    Sorry, this does not gel with me. you say, well there isnt a day goes by that i don’t wonder what the xxxx we saw and why? cant believe that the evidence of this craft hasn’t shown up,
    how do i keep stop from going insane?
    I tell myself this, the future will come back to this planet one day and show us how to save the planet from global warming etc, and the vision me and my wife saw was the future, the energy needed to power this huge craft was in FULMINOLOGY
    and one things more sure than the spaceship we saw the oil companies ain’t going to let this clean free energy lose at this time.
    but thats my theory, and like i said it keeps me sane,
    said this many times the guys working at all the places where this would have shown up,and there must be plenty, get them all to take lie detector tests about that mornings events, see if you can do this,get that mornings videos from MOD, from road cam M4,research all and more places where this spaceship would have shown up, and then tell me this does not gel with me?
    when i feel that someone is knocking our sighting it makes me wonder if they knew and just slagging off for more information?
    Cant change what we saw,Cant explain what we saw, not looking for any notoriety for what we saw,
    but would always listen to anyones ideas of how what when why and mostly why,
    nothing on the news you say? next day in local paper HAS ANYONE SEEN UFOs LATELY? And yes my wife told everyone she meets about the spaceship, and before you ask i’ve known this woman for 50 years and she incapable of telling a lie,
    michael lewendon

  5. Surely the oil companies would capitalise on ‘clean energy’ as it would make them a fortune, and oil is not finite?

  6. Without any supporting evidence, other than your speculation of a conspiracy, there’s not much to go on. All these sightings and not one concrete bit of evidence barring personal testimony – all very frustrating. The bright star was most likely one of our planets passing close to the Earth at the time.

    I like your Green credentials by the way. I don’t actually subscribe to the theory that carbon emissions are the cause of global warming, but that’s another argument.

  7. hi gary,
    every time someone says no supporting evidence, i agree, where is it, that big, 7 minutes, moved along M4 security staff, cam/ vid evidence, where is it, never mind others asking these questions what about us,it drives me half crazy, this wasn’t a little flickering light, etc, this was huge, would have been caught on numerous cams/vids that morning, how about the security staff, and their boss and who would he notify? get all them to take a truth drug, polygraph, lie detector test, then your see we tell the truth,one day someone will find what i write here and say this man and his wife saw this spaceship and reported it, but because of its size and no supported evidence it got dismissed.
    yes it was a bright star shining just below the moon that morning,have spoke to many ufo people about this and many surprisingly give support and understanding of the situation, some even say that this type of technology is here but suppressed by the powers to be, this type of thought goes past the likes of me, and my wife, can’t change what we saw, and i would like to add, had she not been there to assure what i was looking at i would not have said anything, big as a football stadium, huge, silent, could have hit it with a bow and arrow, watched and followed it for over 7 minutes,on my own, i say nothing, so would you, they send you off to the looney bin,crazy hospital, no worries
    michael lewendon

  8. you know what? I’ve sent an information request to the MOD asking them to look at all the possibilities of any distortions etc, on that mornings apparatus, they replied in 20 days saying no nothing, so I’m led to believe they looked at all the archive evidence BY scientist and physicists in 2o days,

  9. Then on top of that they said if im not happy with thier investigation i can complain to a website address they sent me? which does not exist? typical, and im asked to trust these people to do an information request? what a joke?

  10. They gave you a website address that doesn’t exist? Ask them for one that does! Why would they do that?

  11. Also, in addition to my earlier (by years) comment, how do you know this craft was powered by ‘clean, free energy’?

  12. year past now, went back the other day with friends, timed standing in middle of road, at 6. 45 morning Saturday, less than a minute another vehicle passed, its not possible to stand there for over 8 minutes? the evidence of this UFO sighting is in the archives held at AWRE Burghfield Reading RG3O 3RR they need to to look at these and do tests at speeds that will show the distortion this must have left
    problem here is who has this authority? another thing id ask is who ever is responsible for our security, has greatly fallen short of doing his job? and too all the people who i have notified about the UFO that have done nothing, these persons have committed a crime, they should be held in prison and made to explain, why something so important to mankind was never investigated?

  13. Michael Lewendon So we have to give up the most important information ever sent to this planet due to M.O.Ds ; WE DON’T INVESTIGATE UFOs any longer?AWE’s boast is that it is “a centre of scientific, engineering and technological excellence, equipped with some of the most advanced research, design and production facilities in the world”.
    Together or Alone the above mentioned are responsible for our safety regarding notification and identifying threats to M.O.D Burghfield Reading ENGLAND postcode RG303RR. Where a report of a Huge Craft on 11TH SEPTEMBER 2004 has been ignored by the Authorities on the basis that the M.O.D does not investigate UFOs ?
    The Archives of that morning hold evidence of Space Travel.
    The SHAREHOLDERS of the three mentioned Companies have been withheld this information.
    This information or evidence belongs to Science for the use of mankind’s future. Once these archives get investigated by scientists and physicist’s of the said above Companies life on this planet will change overnight. The ability to travel through Space at speeds never believed possible before. My attempt to notify the British Forces-Government ETC, has fallen on death ears due to the fact the M.O.D no longer investigates UFOs. I’m aware this is old news and its not my fault that this has not been given its proper investigation, due to our report that has no other witnesses. The Size of the Craft? The place it happened? Saturated with Cameras? Hundreds of instrument recordings that morning at the Nuclear Establishment? Also Readings around the world and in Space that beam down and collect data?
    Spent years accusing everyone of covering up this Sighting? Until two years ago I visited the Site on its anniversary. This is when I noticed the differences? plenty of birds in the sky, planes taking off and landing, vehicles passing on road every 45 seconds at most. So how was it possible to stand in the road for eight minutes? how come never saw any birds or planes 14 years ago? Was we caught up in their time? Is that why no Camera evidence, would slowing down all recorded data show the distortions of this Crafts trail? Tooted the Van Horn many times, its loud, slow down the volume control on monitors? The Traffic that was missing that morning points to some sort of Time Warp Tunnel?
    Yes it was 14 years ago, and yes there was no other witnesses, but the Archives will be the same as if it was yesterday. They are still there. I’m not interested nor needing any notoriety regarding this Sighting, nor do I need to know why it came here or what it changed, or why us? Said this many times, this belongs to Mankind. My children’s children.
    Sending this Email to you in the hope your Shareholders see the opportunity to investigate this Sighting with the technology it deserves.
    signed truthfully MICHAEL LEWENDON

    24 February 2016 23:11
    In the hope this UFO sighting lives forever. I sent a bedtime story for a grandad to tell his grand children about a sighting that never got investigated , that one day will change the World.
    Dear Prince Charles,
    Once upon a time,11th September 2004 to be exact, a Gran and Grandad were driving back from baby sitting their grand children, when all of a sudden Gran shouted “WATCH OUT” Grandad was not looking where he was going, and nearly crashed the van they were in. Grandad said he was “Sorry, and that he was put off his driving by something that caught his eye up in the sky” Granny looked up into the sky and asked “What is that?” Grandad stopped the van, and they both got out to look. “WOW” said Gran “WOW” said Grandad They were looking at a spaceship, huge, gigantic.Grandad said. “I could hit that with a catapult if I had one” Gran said. “Why doesn’t it make a sound? Why are there small thundery clouds rushing inside it?”
    They watched the spacecraft for over Eight minutes, then it started to move slowly at first, then quite speedily. They jumped back in their van, and followed it up the road till it went out of sight towards London.
    They never saw anyone, nor did they see any traffic pass them at that time.
    Gran and Grandad told their children and friends what they had seen, and most smiled and laughed at their story, mainly because the area in question has hundreds of cameras close by. If Gran and Grandads story were true, then it would have surely been seen.
    Eleven years later on the anniversary of the sighting Grandad woke up earlier and told Gran he was going to visit the place at the exact time where he had seen the spaceship. Gran said, “Yes, go see if there’s anything different?”
    Wow! He came back saying that the most unusual thing happened.
    This time there were planes in the sky, maybe four or five planes that he could see at any one time? He told gran he saw crows flying and geese too, making sounds, Also grandad counted the seconds for the next vehicle to pass by and could only reach 40 or so seconds then another vehicle would pass?
    Gran asked Grandad “What does this all mean?”
    Grandad said, “It means that the spaceship never got caught on cameras because it was speeding in some type of time tunne,- a Bubble of some kind?,and we both traveled in this phenomenon somehow?”
    “So why was the spaceship there?” said Gran, “So why was we allowed to see it? Was it the future? was it today’s technology? Was the thundery rushing clouds on the inside of the Spaceship its camoflarge or could it be how it was fueled?” They have the exact time, the exact place. Surely this spaceship the size of Wembly stadium would have left a trail somewhere? Somewhere on some radiation counters? Radar? Spectrometers?Gravitational Readings?Gran said “All they need to do is investigate to find the answers?”
    Grandad sobbed and told Gran “That because of the size of the spaceship and no camera evidence, there was no way that this story will ever be believed,
    Because how important this story is to mankind and to the future I beg you all to tell your children in the hope that they find how and why all this happened one day.
    yours sincerely Michael n Betty Lewendon

  15. 08/01/2020
    No change although I do understand even if they found the UFO WE WITNESSED they still would not show it. Why would they admit they have found a far superior race, that has this type of Travel-energy. Why would they want them to know? Pretend we don’t know they are there. HOPE THEY GO AWAY. if they were going to attack or delete humans, then why wait 16 years. No what we saw was a friendly UFO. We are no threat to them,maybe they are from the past or future. I would like to say sorry to all on here as I have penned on here abuse to people that have just put their idea’s forward, and I jumped down on then and their thought’s SORRY I realise now I could have drawn a picture of the UFO looking like an elephant, it didn’t matter,they were never going to show it. Today do I think they have found what we saw on Archives, uuuummmm NO Why would they spend billions on sending up old fashion rockets? When all they have to do is re-enact what’s on Archive footage around the World. NO for some reason my wife and I have been allowed to live a normal life. no questions, no tests, no media, no threats,no questions no more tests. Maybe after we have passed they will reveal all we saw, and they turn out to be from the past, sent out robots to seek and find, who came back and changed something that day at the ATOMIC WEAPONS ESTABLISHMENT? Who knows, The thing Iv’e noticed most is no matter who I informed, and I have informed thousands who are recognised TOP BRASS People,All the newspapers, all the TV channels all the Governments around the World,America,China,Russia,Canada,Australia,MI5,MI6,GCHQ,NAVY,ARMY,AIR FORCE,M.O.D. Asking them all the same INVESTIGATE THIS UFO SIGHTING IT HOLDS THE FUTURE. Yet none of these have the power to Authorise an INVESTIGATION. And whats worse is, the Company that was in charge of Security missed this object’s presence for over 8 minutes in broad daylight, 8 minutes of Instrument readings going HAYWIRE, how do they report this and to who? All around the World this UFO Travelled through Countries without being noticed? No mate it got noticed on INSTRUMENTS in Archives, slow the Evidence down, then your find what we saw. One day someone will tell of all the lie’s and unusual email’s I have received by Government official’s How the M.O.D told the F.O.I not to accept any more F.O.I request’s about 11th September 2004. and how another said you can appeal to the highest Commander with the email address of being non existence? Another when they took 20 days to look at my F.O.I request, I asked how was it possible to get the Archives and look at them all in 20 days? The lady said –I don’t know Iv’e just in an office and have been told to tell you this? When a letter sent to AWE asking for an enquiry into the sighting from a local READING MP. The Head of AWE replied he was not aware of any sighting of a UFO, on this date? Yet they were asked two years earlier about the UFO sighting in a F.O.I request? A good friend of mine has been suspended from his job, he is a scientist, I showed him the pictures I made up and asked him to show them to the head of AWE. He said he would instantly lose his job,and said he would not comment on that morning’s events.When I asked Google if they reported any thing in the skies travelling at high speeds, They emailed me back saying Google earth was not working that day due to repairs? NASA has records sent into them of the sky close to AWE every second of the day. Seph shostak said what make’s our sighting any different to anyone’s else? I said you, NASA have the Archives and the photos,sent to you by people here in the UK? I told him where the information came from. Never heard anymore from him. Later he wanted to befriend me on media site? I Refused. Also Facebook took down over 20 thousand post about the 11th September 2004 without any reason? Yea your reading something one day will be the most important post ever written. The UFO was amazing. michael lewendon

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