MOD Burghfield Reading-11th September 2004

Location of Sighting: MOD Burghfield Reading, UK
Date of Sighting: 11th September 2004
Time: 7.ooam
Witness Name: Michael

Witness Statement: left daughters house in burghfield heading for tilehurst home, early morning between 6.30 to 8.30, as we approached church lane, I glanced out at the trees on my side of the van we was in, there are bad bends in the road at this point, and… my wife screamed out “WATCH OUT” hit brakes just managed to stop before going in ditch on my left, ” whats wrong with you ” she said by this time i was looking straight ahead afraid to look again without her confirmation, “have a look out my side window
,What does it look like ” I said ” a spaceship” was her answer drove the van up the road a bit to get a better look, stopped the van and I got out of it to get a better view, WOW PWEW from being scared to death one minute to amazement in heart if thats the feeling, felt privaliged, felt as if i was gifted to see such an event, this craft was hovering over a field no more than 50 yards away about 200 feet in the air it was 100–200 yards across 30 yards deep, looked saturn like in shape, had a set of windows running through the middle all different colours, looked as if they were flashing but maybe it was the rushing clouds inside the craft that gave this impression, the clouds were all small but were different shades, and they looked as if they were thundery, rushing through the ship, It was at this point I decided to tell myself to remember every detail as I was seeing something that was going to get investigated and my information could be of
signigavance, we watch it for about five minutes no more, the ship moved off in an arc shape to our right going up as it moved, its path took it straight over the atomic research base 500 yards away, then it went parrallel to the M4 motorway towards London, here is where we lost sight of the ship, it dissappeard out of our sight (to far off to see) I drove up the road 500 yards and parked the van to see it thier was any thing that I could add to this ufo sighting, YES the weather it was a bright morning dont think i saw the sun up yet but it was bright moring the best sky ive ever seen all light blue not a cloud in the sky anywhere, none not even a planes energy trail nothing. But thier was two other objects in the sky, the moon looking like this ( in shape although tilted more, under this moon i saw a star shinning as bright as any flickering quite large for a star i thought maybe its the space station, the star or space station was just below it
about a quarter of an inch between your fingers looking up at it, remembering all the events of that day was going to be easy, or so i thought, we told our family first about the sighting and some were sceptic and others laughed, three days later there was a news article asking if anyone had seen any ufos lately, i was exspecting the press to be full of this siteng but thier was none, it was then i felt as if we were being tested for our integrity or our abilty to be trusted wierd feeling, did nothing about it for 4 years or so, something triggered off my wondering why?

Started reading up about ufo sighting and people near where i live who i could ask some questions, and i told him all i told you, then he asked me what day it was? forgot the date ? couldn t remember the date ? for over two years couldn t nail down the date? nightmare? then the other week i ask my wife to see when our passports run out? keeps them in a draw with other things birth certificates, insurancecs, etc, she came down the stairs with a piece of paper torn off dated 11th september 2004 and she had written on it SPACEDAY, brilliant as so i thought, easy now to find evidence? EVIDENCE OF THE SPACESHIP? So easy, no chance,
(1) M4 motorway cams must have recorded it, the traffic police, and the BBC, have access to these road cams, no reply?
(2) weather photos of that morning sky again BBC and weather stations have this evidence no reply?
(3) Google earth must have evidence of the spaceship that day where is it?no reply?
(4) M.O.D Base has twenty or more cameras that could have recorded its flight?
Researchers the police, google earth, weather cam sites, mod, all got this evidence?
can t belive theres no evidence other than our sighting?


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  1. My heart goes out to this guy I do believe he saw what he said he witnessed , I was told about this sighting many years ago by my partner Linda who lived opposite him, it was a shame he never had a phone, camera or some kind of video evidence to show all you sceptics. I suggest he contacts MUFON in America, I am sure they would follow up on this amazing sighting. Sadly we live in a world of non believers and sceptics who wouldn’t know the truth even if it bit them on the ass, even Galileo Galilei who said the world was not the centre of the universe was persecuted by the Catholic church. Hope he gets his story out to someone who can unearth the facts as to why all the doors he knocked were never opened and his questions never answered this man needs closure I hope and pray he finds it.

  2. Dear Defence Science and Technology Laboratory,
    I have received an email saying that my request has been delayed, hopefully my request has been looked at for the seriousness and implications that this sighting requires.
    Obviously with the lapse of time (11th September 2004)and the delving into archives and such will take time. and something so large as what we saw must have left a trail somewhere?
    As I said it was only 8 months ago when I went back to the site, that I noticed the many differences in that mornings events, prompting myself to realizing how important this must be to Science-Physicists and our security?
    I am willing to meet and discuss and help in any way I can, I’m aware that this may seem a strange request, but put yourself in my shoes, see what we saw. Ask yourself how would you react?
    I reacted by accusing all as covering everything up? the size? no pics?
    Not until 11 years later, I realized we entered into and out of this kind of warp or something like that? hopefully your instrument readings around the site and elsewhere will show a distortion of such allowing you to progress in research of this type of travel etc, maybe?
    So this email is not a complaint take as long as it takes, we can’t change what we saw for 7 or so minutes in our time.
    Yours faithfully,


  3. Dear Defence Science and Technology Laboratory,
    On 11th September 2004 my wife and I witnessed a craft in the sky close to AWRE burghfield, by Church Lane, we watched and followed this craft for Eight or so minutes,
    Now all I’m asking is that you look at all the evidence that was collected that day on every type of apparatus that AWRE has surrounding the site. Look for any thing unusual? anything that might show a distortion, or drainage of power?
    My wife and I are simple folk and we can’t change what we saw. The Craft we saw was huge, I believe we entered into it’s bubble,maybe at a speed no camera could take?
    Have no Idea why or what this Craft came here that day for nor why we were allowed in its time bubble, but i’m sure its important for mankind,
    I’ve sent a request asking about what type apparatus surrounds the site and the date when this happened, I’m not looking for answers, I know this is so important, I only hope that you can find how, why, this craft came here, it had to leave, or take something?
    I have a friend called Phil Hannington who works at the establishment who can verify my honesty and well being, although I have spoken to him about the above he never comments or answers any questions as hes says hes sworn not to speak about anything at his works. I respect this and never would ask him to give me information, hence why I sent the request.
    What are you doing?
    Prompting pleading hoping it gets researched for the future?

    Yours faithfully,


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