Morecambe, Lancashire-1st January 2010

Location of Sighting: Morecambe, Lancashire
Date of Sighting: 01-01-10
Time: 21,30
Witness Name: Ian

Witness Statement: After last nights wierd lights over Morecambe we have just seen another orange light in the sky, bright orange quite high,steady but fast speed from north to south then it stopped and came from east to west. This is def not a lantern as direction of flight was against wind direction. No sound as it passed then increased speed and vanished.


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Updated: January 4, 2010 — 7:02 pm


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  1. hi I saw a wierd object in the sky on sunday 3rd january it was still daylight and a really clear sky at 4.00pm.I was stood outside matalan lookin at the sky over Heysham at all the airoplanes, there must of been about 8 goin in all different directions.Then I thought I saw a helicopter flying really high near the airoplanes. All of a sudden this helicopter give of the brightest light, I thought it did this to worn the planes that they were too close. Next minuite this helicopter AKA object dropped in hieght and looked like it was heading towards my direction for about 2 mins then all off a sudden vanished I watched all of this for about 6 mins roughly. Then object looked like it changed shape slightly aswell it was really clear so I am sure someone else spotted this

  2. the object was black!!!

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