Near Fyfield, Essex-31st July 2010

Location of Sighting: n.e. of beauchamp roding near fyfield,essex.
Date of Sighting: 31 July 2010
Witness Name: Tony Humbles2

Witness Statement: 2 separate groups of 4/5individual objects,flying ESE? towards Writtle,Essex.All lit with steady light,no flashing. Beneath flight climbing from Stansted,so probably only 2-3000′.Fairly slow,guess 80-100mph.No noise. We do see microlights locally,but I imagine these would need to comply with normal aircraft lights? I’ve never considered reporting anything before.Very interesting.


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Updated: July 31, 2010 — 10:04 pm


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  1. At 10pm we saw just one of the ojects exactly as you describe. It came over Leigh-on-Sea at 10pm 31st. I watched
    it travelling SE until it disappeared over the estuary.

  2. I was woken up at 3.25 am 31-7 2010 by our cat having a fight,went down to let her in front door and noticed a bright orange object heading towards me from the south west, i thought it strange because it had no pulsing lights like aircraft i grabbed my binoculars and it was throwing out an orange light at the front which seemed to open up like an umbrella,it also was noisless,we are on the end of the stack for heathrow/gatwick so am used to planes flying overhead.i could not sleep sat in the front room,and about 4/5/mins later saw a second this time i filmed it but was disapointed at the result.——also at that time no planes fly overhead

  3. Oh BTW i meant to say that my sighting was over ROMFORD

  4. I Made an entry about seeing a couple of orange lights in the sky at 3.25 am last August. well i have since found out what they were, i didn`t say they were alien space ships just strange orange lights (unidentifiable by me at the time)but have since found out they were Chinese lanterns because we had some pass over not long ago and these were not so high in the sky, well we all make mistakes

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