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Newall Green, Wythenshawe, Manchester-18th August 2009

Location of Sighting: Newall Green, Wythenshawe, Manchester
Date of Sighting: 18/08/09
Time: 01.15am
Witness Name: John

Witness Statement: I was outside the back of the house with my wife having a cigarette when we both noticed a very bright orb shaped object in the sky.It was too low in the sky to be a star so we assumed it was a satellite but it was twinkling very fast and seemed to be changing colour rapidly so out came the camera with very odd results it can only be described as a illuminous light blue squiggle.

Here is John’s photo with an inset cropped enlargement:


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  1. On wednesday 17th Feb 2010, I was tidying tools away, from a day working on a shed in my back garden. Around 1815hrs I looked to the sky after a bright yellow/white light caught my eye. I stood watching for around 20seconds as the light traveled toward my location, higher than the Police helicopter is seen. there was no sign of any rear to to the object. The light was too big to be a light on a plane, it seemed to be giving the impression that it was spinning. The light grew a little as it moved closer to me, it then seemed to move to the right, then stayed in the same place for a couple of seconds, then it seemed to go straight up, causing the light to grow smaller, as you would see in a launch of a rocket in America. I stood and watched till it vanished completelly. I never gave it more thought as I was tidying tools away, then tonight (18th Feb) I was amazed to see the very same light shown on News at Ten with reference to the sightings that had been seen over Scotlands “hotspot”. It was just the same as I saw, although the film on television was very short. Tomorrow I will take a compass outside and make a note of the direction involved. I live in the area of Lyndene Road, Benchill.

  2. I seen a UFO on the 6TH MAY 2018 about 830pm in newall green WYTHENSHAW Manchester it was flying around the newallgreen area for about 10mins and this is wot I videod on my phone by Steve Sanders

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