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Newcastle under Lyme-16th April 2010

Location of Sighting: newcastle under lyme
Date of Sighting: 16th april 2010
Time: 23:30 ish
Witness Name: Matthew Clarke

Witness Statement: Standing outside backdoor smoking a fag looking towards motorway from clayton roughly S / SW. Saw a very bright light/orb moving fastly yet somehow smoothly jerky across the sky in a northerly direction. At one point it paused and the light dimmed to the level of a bright star almost as if it was trying to blend in with the other stars. Im getting shivers down my back thinking about it, This was loads faster than any plane ive seen and definately not a chineese lantern. I watched it for around a minute and then the light either shrank or the orb moved west ultra fast as it disappeared rapidly. I also saw a similar thing in the sky the day before but that one seemed no where near as close and the light was not as bright. Strange stuff, anyone see it?


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Updated: April 19, 2010 — 8:37 pm

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  1. Charlotte Smedley

    I was travelling on 16th April 2010 at 2300hrs from Sandbach to Crewe and witnessed a huge Flaming meteor moving West-East. I had never seen anything like this in my life and thought by the trajectory that it was going to crash land in the Staffordshire area. It was obviously travelling at height, high in our atmosphere and went out of my horizon view. Several more meteors had been spotted in Ireland and the US that same night, which confirmed I wasn’t seeing things!

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