Newcastle upon Tyne-13th June 2013

Location of Sighting: Newcastle upon tyne
Date of Sighting: 13 June 2013
Time: 10:40PM
Witness Name: Kevin Edwards

Witness Statement: I was walking my dog in woods near to Newcastle airport, when i looked up and saw a solid bright white light in the sky, it was like a star but a lot bigger, and was moving from west to east quite slow, just as a chinese lantern would. it hadn’t been dark long there was no clouds and the sky was a dark blue colour, there were no stars visible at all, and no sound. I walk my dog every night and being close to newcastle airport i am used to seeing planes and helicopters and i also see a lot of satellites, so i know for a fact it wasn’t either as there were no flashing lights atall, it kept going at the same speed and just disappeared into the distance, to me it seemed quite low, in our atmosphere. I caught part of the sighting on video, and it is quite clear, i will post it soon.


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Updated: June 16, 2013 — 8:44 pm


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  1. Another sighting of what sounds very much like the same thing/s. A lot of people are seeing these bright star-like singular white lights, but as you describe, low in our atmosphere. I’ve sen them myself, and I’m sure they’re not lanterns, satelites, or planes.

  2. Hi Kevin,

    One of my many hobbies is satellite spotting!

    Thus I’m perplexed by your comment that “…see a lot of satellites, so i know for a fact it wasn’t…as there were no flashing lights atall”. Almost no satellites exhibit flashing lights!! (except <0.01% of satellites specifically designed tobe oddities, such as the rarely seen Japanese i-Pix LED equipped 'student' satellite).

    Your 'sighting' is a perfect description of a pass of the ISS. Indeed, the ISS was visible as a magnitude -2.8 object (at max) from 22:39 to 22:45 (10'W to 10'ESE') from your location.

    Look at and see for yourself!

    So, 'believers':
    (i) Yet another ISS pass posted by 'confused' and 'ghosty believing' public
    (ii) Yet another ISS pass judged (by psychics?) to be at a specific altitude, (oooh if you could only bottle the 'amazing skillz' to a-judge altitude we could all do away with that icky-wicky nasty-wasty thing called 'radar'!)
    (iii) Yet another ISS pass where the apparent 'size' of the object could be seen! n.b. Not one single telescope created by Humans can 'see' the size of the apparent disc of any star…Thus as presented 'star-size' disc = zero, one cannot use 'star-size' to describe 'size'! …basic kindergarden Maths! Errrmmm… Did the OP mean 'Apparent Magnitude' instead of 'size'?? *gulps and shakes head*
    (iv) Yep… I'm being rude again! … but I am TRULY baffled as to why, when someone see a light in the sky they do not Google the basic detyails to get the answer instead of assuming it's the fictional Battlestar Gallactica, (& not one of the countless tens of thousands of known man-made objects a-whizzing and a-whirring around the Earth!).

    *looks to see where one can donate to the Education Services in the UK to try and stem the rot of the last few 'every opinion matters' years*

  3. Sorry to disagree Warren, but I must point out that some of the lights/objects being seen are often BELOW cloud level and are far brighter/larger than ANY satellite! Do you really think I cannot tell the difference between something whizzing passed in space and something obviously at least the size of the Police helicopter hovering at an apparent height of 2000ft?Of course I can! Bloody hell Warren, we’re not all imbeciles!

  4. Warren, I have seen a lot of satellites, i have never seen one so bright or of that MAGNITUDE!, i apologise for sounding so uneducated. You obviously think i am just a thick geordie

    Thankyou for your words of wisdom, i now realise this sighting was obviously the ISS.

  5. T Wood,

    Don’t you get it yet? The ISS is currently making very bright passes, and it’s easy to confirm. That’s why people are seeing bright star like objects crossing the sky! It’s perplexing (as Warren states) that, even when presented with an entirely plausible, easy to check explanation, you continue to ignore.

  6. I know exactly how frustrated you feel, Warren, but unfortunately I believe this site is fast becoming a ‘lost cause’ where common sense is concerned. No doubt Peter, flushed with his success at driving Nemo away with his arrogant and ignorant comments, will pipe up on here as usual, along with Joe, Charlie, T Wood and the rest of the autobelievers. I have just spent (wasted?) a half hour or so reading the comments posted recently by the above named people, and trying unsuccessfully to find a genuinely
    constructive comment by any of them. I only looked back to the end of May, but believe me, that was more than enough!

  7. Yup……it seems you have no redeeming qualities at all….you may be just a man, but your personality is vile…..your sarcastic, and patronising. Why dont you ask to become the moderator?….you can pin a nice shiny badge to your puffed out chest, and treat us all like naughty schoolchildren. Is that your other hobby?

  8. hey grumpybob or warren – you say this site is becomeing a lost cause -perish the thought youd leave us- i don’t mind skepticism when it’s done respectfully -but warren come accross as a pure antagonist, constantly jibeing anyone who disagrees – personally i think grumpoldybob and warren should dedicate their spare time to the really important job of satellite spotting, which unfortunately would mean no time for us on this site -it’s sad but your loss is our gain.

  9. T Wood’s comment:

    “…some of the lights/objects being seen are often BELOW cloud level and are far brighter/larger than ANY satellite!”

    Do you actually read any of the explanations given on here?

    What the above should read is ‘some of the lights/objects APPEAR to be below cloud level’; witness the moon on occasions, you could state that was below cloud level, but the difference is you know it is not. No, you’re not all imbeciles, but you – personally – are prone to act like one rather than acting rationally. Start thinking, and start reading both sides of the cases you claim to be the deal-breakers, and you begin to see where the cracks are.

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