Newmarket-7th June 2014

Location of Sighting: Newmarket
Date of Sighting: 7 June 2014
Time: 2240
Witness Name: Jordan

Witness Statement: Went outside to have a smoke, looked up in the sky and saw a moving light going across the sky at a steady speed. The light was too bright and fast to be a satellite, I have seen satellites before. It was not a plane because it had not flashing and it was the same brightness the entire time I watched until it faded away. I am an experienced sky watcher and I listen to Coast 2 Coast AM all the time. I could not identify this object.


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Updated: June 9, 2014 — 8:45 pm


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  1. Possibly the ISS?

  2. I too saw this light, it was about 12:45 am in Sussex on the 7th June, it was bright white almost triangular light, it didn’t make a sound and slowed and stopped various times as it flew from the south, I watched it for around 7minutes before it dissapered.

  3. It sounds like you saw the international base station float by. Bright white light seems low level and large in size .
    Hopefully tho it was a ufo you saw ..

  4. We saw the same white light moving quite fast over City of Cambridge, it was about the time of evening you said between half ten and eleven pm. We wondered what it was as it made no sound and did not have aircraft etc lights on it. Would love to know the answer to this ?

  5. Jordan, you’re an experienced sky watcher and you failed to identify this as the ISS. Back to school then.

  6. You probably saw the use international space station you can track and check what time it comes over your area by using a smart phone there’s a app about it hope this is useful.

  7. The ISS doesn’t quite fit with this or the Wymondham sighting (I have commented separately in that thread: they seem highly likely to relate to the same object). ISS passes over East Anglia that night were at about 2205 and 2340, but here we have apparently corroborative reports of something that was seen at about 2240.

  8. I entertained the idea of it maybe being the ISS, but it was too bright and I have seen the ISS before. ISS looks like a star that is moving fairly fast. This thing was too bright to be a start, and it was constantly the same brightness the entire time accross the whole sky. Also, to verify this was or was not the ISS, I looked up the ISS’s location for that particular time and it was located south of Africa.
    I took a screen shot of this record just in case.

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