Newmarket, England-12th December 2009

Location of Sighting: Newmarket, England
Date of Sighting: 12 Dec 2009
Time: 2330
Witness Name: Scott

Witness Statement: Saw 12-15 orange objects in the sky moving at a fast rate. Silent, no noise at all. Completely silent. I am in the US Air Force and see airplanes every day and these were nothing i have ever seen before. No blinking or flashing lights. Solid orange. Wierd stuff. I do not know…..


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Updated: December 13, 2009 — 6:24 pm


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  1. I too saw 2 orange orbs at around 18:30. witnessed by my wife.

    The first shape travelled from North to South and was visible below patchy cloud. Some stars were also faintly visible.

    After watching the first shape disappear, a second orange light followed just a few seconds later in the same path. I watched this one steadily climb out of sight heading towards the Cambridge area.

    There was no noise from either object and just had a steady orange / red light with no navigation lights pulsating.

    They both had roughly the same speed but it would be difficult to say how fast. In relative terms to a small aircraft at about 2000 feet ??

  2. lol they’re paper lanterns that you set alight and they float up and away

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