Newmarket, Suffolk-7th October 2014

Location of Sighting: Newmarket, Suffolk
Date of Sighting: 07/10/14
Time: Approx 7:15
Witness Name: Mark

Witness Statement: I was in my back garden having a cig after returning from work when I noticed three lights in the sky which I initially thought to be stars but noticed two of them moving in an easterly direction, in line, no sound at all. The third light which I still assumed to be a star was static and then moved in a arc and followed the other two lights. All three lights went out before moving out of my line of sight.


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Updated: October 7, 2014 — 9:11 pm


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  1. Hi, I saw the exact same thing at the same time around 7.15 I also thought they were stars and then they moved down one by one and disappeared.

  2. The three white lights on the back of an aircraft perhaps?

  3. I saw the same 3 lights from bicester doing the same thing

  4. I’ve also seen this on numerous occasions. It was only last weekend I noticed it doing it’s business as I watched a storm over the Humber.

    At first I thought it was just the night sky spinning past.I think it’s easy to forget the rate at which our planet spins and this is especially noticeable on clear nights away from light pollution.

    We have a Philip’s Planisphere and it’s made me recognise the night sky simply and accurately.

  5. Hardly likely to be aircraft lights Nemo given the nature of movement in the reports.

  6. Julie, are you also in the Newmarket area?
    Nemo, no way was it a conventional aircraft, the movement of the final light appeared seperate from the other two and was actually static for a while. I’m an aircraft enthusiast and never seen anything like that before. It was strange and to me the true definition of a UFO-I didn’t have a clue what it was. I’m a skeptic on these things and don’t think we’re being constantly visited by alien beings and I’m sure a lot of sightings have a rational explanation. My sighting could even have a rational explanation but after thinking about it I couldn’t come up with one.

  7. Bicester looks like its becoming a hot spot.

  8. An arc caused by moving ones head when looking up to the sky.

  9. Nemo, no that’s not what happened. I know what I saw and as I’ve said it could well have a rational explanation (I hope it does, I can’t say I;m a fan of us potentially being visited by alien life forms) but I can’t find one and your attempts at explaining this don’t fit with my experience.

    My last ufo experience did turn out to have a rational explanation, several years ago I witnessed an orange light moving slowly across the sky, it unnerved me a little at the time but after a bit of investigation I realised that what I’d seen was a Chinese lantern (I’d never heard of them or seen them at the time) this is definitely not a lantern however.
    The only possible explanation I’ve come up with more recently for this current sighting was that they could have been helicopters, Apaches are based at Wattisham a few miles down the road and occasionally I’ve seen them, I’ve never seen them stop and hover when they have flown over but it doesn’t mean that the wouldn’t but they are noisy things and there was no noise from these lights at all, however depending on the wind direction the sound could have been carried off in the opposite direction. Only other fact in partly dismissing this theory is that they were solid white lights with no other flashing navigation lights.

  10. Well Mark, I used to fly them.

    What do we have around Newmarket. We could start with Marshalls at Cambridge. Do you know what they do there? Then we have a number of bases near you – one quite famous. One of these basis may still may fly recon flights out to the East. So we have two white lights that appeared static then moved in an arc.

    You have not said how high the lights were. If a light appears to be “static” it could be coming towards you – landing light. On turning it would appear to move in an arc. Do you know what a “G break” is, perhaps this is what is happening. The other two lights could be one or two aircraft “wingman” in the circuit as well.

    If at height, you would still see the same thing. Or, an aircraft giving an other aircraft a once over.

    I tell you what contact RAF L and speak to ATC. UFO, I doubt it. A QRF aircraft would be right on it, just as happened in Kent the other day when Typhoons went super sonic to intercept.

    No way. Well think again. RAF/USAF will intercept any “UFO” in this country that is not responding to ATC via radio or squawking the allotted code.

    One last point regarding sound. Steve T, Gary and myself have often commented why there is no sound attached to the lights. It depends on atmosphere and wind direction. Also remember that light travels faster than sound.

    Go to an active RAF/USAF base at night flying circuits you will experience the above.

  11. Lisa, you can see the earth spin?

  12. Back in 1994,when I was 18, my friend and I were driving around in the evening and had decided to go home.It was about 11pm. She decided to roll a cigarette for the journey home which would take about 10 mins. We picked a field which had its gates open,to stop at. As she was rolling her cigarette,I was looking out of the window. I saw a solid red dot moving across the top of the houses in the distance. It was joined by another,then another,to a total of about 5 or 6. I said to my friend,what IS that? We knew it couldn’t be normal aircraft because of their proximity to each other. Then, like a bullet from a gun,one of the red dots shot into the field across the road from our car. I went to get out but my friend said wtf are you doing? I got Back and shut the door. But the thing which we thought had crashed,since it looked like it was burning , lifted up and moved over our car. Next moment,we blinked and it had gone. We saw that the car clock was now flashing 0:00 and we checked our watches,it was 1am.2hours was gone..
    So what I am trying to say to you,is that I believe you. I live in newmarket,Suffolk. This happened up moulton rd between the back of the heath and moulton village. There is now a viewing gallery built in this spot for the racecourse.

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