Newmill, Penzance-19th October 2014

Location of Sighting: Newmill, Penzance
Date of Sighting: 19/10/14
Time: 2300
Witness Name: Neil Stanford

Witness Statement: Red lights across the valley, thought was a night farmer, then (I am sitting in a conservatory) the whole room lighted red, as if someone was outside with full beam red lights on. That would be impossible as I don’t face a road and head lights are mainly white. The room went red twice, I tried too take photos, but nothing seemed too work. I have only a dot too show. Now feel very emotional and feel no one will believe me. Sincerely. Neil Stanford.


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Updated: October 26, 2014 — 9:22 pm


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  1. Hi Neil,
    I certainly believe you!
    At 2300 BST on Sun, 19th Oct 2014 here in Stithians, we saw a white flash and what sounded like distant thunder a number of seconds later.
    What you experienced may well have been lightning seen behind cloud from a considerable distance away.

  2. What you describe may be a laser. if you have a dot on your photos it probably is. Hope its not a laser sight on a rifle? I would speak to your local police.

  3. Laser pen. Dangerous in the wrong hands. Report it, Sir.

  4. Laser light would not illuminate the entire conservatory room, so that explanation for this incident would be very remote if not impossible. One possible explanation would be farmers out lamping for rabbits with red lights rather than white, but that’s unusual, I’ve never seen people using red lights when hunting so far.

    However I too have had a similar experience where a room was illuminated by something emanating bright red light, which travel south past our house and positioned at an altitude above the level of our house, because the light would have to be projected slightly downwards to be able to go over the high hedge outside my window and then illuminate my bedroom the way it did.
    My bedroom is on the opposite side of the house from the road which goes passed our house, so there is no possible way for car lights to shine into my bedroom and no sign of any red light was possible from other sources that night.

    The only sound I heard was the whoosh sound of rushing wind as the light went past the house, then silence. I heard no passing vehicles and saw no passing vehicles in either direction up and down our road. It was unknown object, but not unique.

    Many people in the south west at the time of my sighting/incident were also reporting strange red light illuminating their homes as if something was passing the house and shining red light into the windows. Usually no sounds of passing traffic or aircraft are heard, but sometimes a hum may be heard during the sighting of red light, but not from any seen vehicle.

    Similar reports have been made in recent years too, so keep an eye out, you never know.

    Neil, If you do see what looks like a laser light on your windows, as suggested by others, report it to the police as it could be a hunter misbehaving. No one should point a gun at a persons home.

  5. Hello Neil my mum and used to live in bodrifty just up the road from you we used to have a lot of weird things happening in our house it got so bad one night my mum and I got in the car and drove along the back roads of newmill towards zennor too the left of us weee flashing white lights going very fast it was as though they were chasing us we couldn’t believe what we were seeing as there isn’t a car track and there and these lights were so strange they were going so fast ????So yes I believe you

  6. Mary Mary MIddleton

    In late 1976 and early 1977 there where many incidents in the New Mill area. One took place at the old Post Office in the village. The couple who lived there had what can only be described as a close encounter of the first kind. Directly after the incident, the same night, one of people told my husband what they had seen, they were in a visibly shocked state. They had seen some sort of craft and a “being” on there property. My husband and I also saw strange moving lights that eventually shot off over the sea at Zennor. My husband has seem them first as he drove past the moors between New Mill and Zennor. We have no doubt that something happened all those years ago, many people in New Mill saw strange things at that time.

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