Newport-12th May 2015

Location of Sighting: Newport
Date of Sighting: 12/05/2014
Time: 11:40
Witness Name: Craig Brown

Witness Statement: I have seen many things in the sky, but most I can explain! but I was driving over the Severn bridge by newport heading towards Bristol. In my vision from the windscreen I saw a normal plane very clearly as it was a clear day, then just above the plane I saw what I can only describe as an orb translucent in colour with hints of pink and yellow, around 1/4 of the size of the plane. it seemed to stay still but then went below the plane at a very high speed, it then changed shape, more like a cube for about 5 sec and then back to an orb shape before doing a backwards c shape and shot of past the plane and vanished within a couple of seconds! It seemed to be morphing but could also seem slightly invisible! And the way it moved made it impossible for anything I know! It behaved as if it was surveying the area and started to behave it radically when the plane was close? Very strange and I wish I could know what it was!!!


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Updated: May 22, 2014 — 7:19 pm


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  1. Hi Craig. Welcome. Welcome to the land of questions. Qestions with No answers. Victims, thats what we are. Victims of our own visions and no one to tell. Thanks for posting.

  2. “It behaved as if it was surveying the area”

    That’s an interesting comment; care to elaborate?

  3. There is a whole strand of film of orbs and planes on Youtube. It seems quite a common occurrence – which makes me wonder if these are some sort of ‘drones’ which inspect the plane on behalf of some larger UFO craft.

    Perhaps sending signals back in the way the Mars Rover does(though with far more advanced technology).

    Its an interesting sighting – thanks for sharing it.

  4. I look forward to reading the pilot’s airprox report.

  5. Actually I find this one quite interesting.
    On saturday 17th around 11.30 as I got up (yes, I like a late one when I don’t work hehe) I went to my kitchen to boil some water for my coffee, the sink is underneath the kitchen window so I always look at the sky while I fill the kettle. Being in North London there are lots of planes specially at this time – anyway I was watching one place heading north east from where I was standing when I noticed something much smaller, shining (sun reflection?)behind the plane, moving then underneath the plane, I honestly couldn’t make up what it was as it was relatively far but not that high up and that object was pretty small. The plane continued its trajectory and after perhaps 3/4 seconds that shiny thing went in the opposite direction, with the shiny reflection going on and/off and the object slowly melting into the blue sky background until I lost sight of it.
    It looked like metallic blue/blue-grey definetely reflecting the sunlight. The weather was sunny with patches of white clouds moving but sorry I didn’t pay attention to which direction or anything as I was still a bit sleepy from my night.
    I didn’t care to post it here because I dismissed that as perhaps a weather balloon or something ? Never seen what it looks like in real life but by looking at pictures online I can imagine it could be something to the likes of that. Also I am a true believer that we’re being visited however I also think most of our sightings can logically be explain by either a man made object or natural phenomenon and I have seen so many weird things in the sky since I started watching actively that I automatically dismiss 90% of it in order to remain reasonable!

    So my question is – could your sighting be a weather balloon or other device of some sorts? That morphing / shape shifting could perhaps be due to the wind or so ? Is that plausible ? Was it reflecting the sun too ? You said it’s translucent, could this be an optical effect due to the adjacent plane or so?
    Just trying to make sense of your message 🙂

    (by the way – didn’t mean to hijack this sighting, just complementing it with what I saw the other day and thought this could add up to the discussion. If someone can confirm that what I posted sounds like a balloon that’d be great, or other man made object I would assume)


  6. You saw all this whilst driving? If so, you are a danger to other road users. Of course, the usual suspects take it all in, whilst I tend to take this alleged sighting with a pinch of salt. UFOS are in the eye of the beholder it would seem.

  7. The subject title says 2015? Were you flying the tardis? Thanks

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