Newport, South Wales -13th June 2009

Location of Sighting: Newport, South Wales
Date of Sighting: 13/06/2009
Time: 23:00
Witness Name: Grant

Witness Statement: While at a BBQ a friend asks what the rest of the group think a bright orange light that is moving in the sky is. We discussed that it was not a plane/helicopter, nor a satellite as it was moving extremely fast but appeared to be as high as the jumbo jets. Then it stopped glowing but carried on its path, it was hard to make out but it looked round and grey. Being so high up it was impossible to be sure of what we could see and nobody was that excited until another object appeared in view. This second object stunned the 10 or so people already starring into the night sky. It appeared MUCH closer to the Earth and sped along the sky much quicker than the first as you would expect off something much lower down. This object was silent, grey and PERFECTLY CIRCULAR. One friend described it as like a “grey poker chip” speeding across the sky. If I had not seen this first hand but on a video, I would say it was a UFO hoax because of how stereotypical it was of your “flying saucer”. It passed almost directly over head and we had about 1 minute to study it before it disappeared out of view. Very strange.

Source:Direct request on UK-UFO

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  1. Saw the same thing new years eve, me and my brother watched them out the window. We live in Bettws, saw 3 of them, 2 were floating and 1 moved across the sky, after about 20mins they disappeared. We didn’t see them again that night, but my brother saw 1 in the sky the next night. Its good to see we aren’t the only ones to have seen them.

  2. I saw three yellow lights coming one after another and vanished across sky. It happened on 16 jan between 17:45 to 18:10….did anybody else see it?

  3. Sunday 18th April 2010, seen an orange light in the sky moving very fast, weaving from side to side for about 30secs, then it just vanished! 20 minutes later at the back of my house, seen the same thing twice,……..could they be chinese lanterns?…..are we all going crackers?

  4. sorry meant to say, the time was around 8.30pm (so you were all probably watching Britains got talent)..and I was in the maindee area!….The first light was coming from Cardiff direction, and the other 2 were over towards Caeleon/Old Barn way!

  5. on may 21st i was stood in my back garden near the castle in newport at 11:30pm and i seen a bright orange circle shape in the sky with a couple of light colour smaller objects following it it was moving to slow to be any type of aeroplane etc i was just wondering if anyone else had seen it cant explain it i have never seen anything like this before

  6. Have seen a similar orange light moving above Crosskeys/Risca for the past couple of nights [tonight just after midnight, moving roughly Abercarn-Crosskeys direction]. No stars were visible, as there is complete cloud cover so this light is not all that high. There is absolutely no sound at all, it doesn’t appear to be a search helicopter – no other lights visible, nor is it attempting to illuminate the ground. It appears to fade out/switch off due to a change in direction, in the Risca direction. Some sort of small aircraft that’s too high to hear an engine?

  7. Around 9.30pm last night (31st August 2010), noticed 2 orange lights in the sky from my living room window, which I believe to be chinese lanterns. I went outside to take a look when I noticed a very bright white light passing over-no sound.Now ive seen this before and was confident that this was the ISS (International space station) as ive seen this before, and anyone one is able to check online @ space weather tracker . com, however, I also noticed another light with the appearance of a star (much further up moving also heading in an eastly direction!…then another..heading in a north direction, way to high to be planes or even satelites. Within a 45minute period I seen at least 6 or 7 until it became to cold to stay out and I was missing Jedward on ITV 2…(HA HA HA ONLY JOKING). Anyway,I checked the satelite tracker, and as mentioned earlier, the bright one was the ISS, clearly stating the time it would pass over when it did. However it did not state any other satelites until 45 minutes after!…So how do we account for the 6 moving stars in that 45 minute period?…..All I know, is they were definatley in space and moving at a speed,….and they were not ‘shooting stars!!!……..Food for fought hey?

  8. Probably chinese lanterns


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