Newquay, Cornwall-7th June 2009

Location of Sighting: Newquay, Cornwall
Date of Sighting: 7/6/09
Time: apprx 22:00
Witness Name: Alan & Anne Sheasby

Witness Statement: At around 22:00 on 7/6/09 we say 2 orange globe shaped objects travelling towards Newquay from over the sea. These were then followed by a third such object. I estimate them to have been 2000 – 3000 ft high & travelling about the same speed as a helicopter. However the were bright orange in colour, like small fire balls and there were no other lights visible (eg Navigation lights). They were visible for about 2-3 mins . They reached the land then turned south towards Holywell Bay area and then disappeared.

Source:Direct request on UK-UFO

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Updated: June 8, 2009 — 8:07 pm


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  1. Have seen exactly the same thing about 10 years ago when I was heading into newquay from St austell, I remeber it was in the winter very near or just after xmas. At the time I ddin’t make much of it at the time

  2. 12:11 10/06/2009

    Hi all.

    Here are a few of my experiences.

    Time and location: Tue 9th June 2009, ~300 meters inland (near the coast path), north St Ives, Cornwall at around 10.15 until 10.25pm.

    Prevailing conditions: a most gentle SE breeze, light/medium cloud cover over 60-80% of the sky, not full darkness yet, very quiet (owls calling).

    Moon is just waning and would’ve been very low in the east but was not visible to me (either too low or obscured by clouds).

    I saw a stationary orange light 25-30 degrees elevation in the cloudy sky approx due north. I watched it for approx 2-3 mins until it became obscured by clouds or dimmed out; I went indoors then. Approx 5 mins later I went back outside and there was an orange light at approx 5-10 degrees elevation and rising rapidly (approx 1/2 – 1 degree elevation per second), in the (now clear) north sky; at about 15-20 deg elevation I ran indoors and got 8x binoculars – I ran back out and it was 25 – 30 degrees and still rising steadily – then it stopped at around 30 – 40 degrees and remained stationary in the clear sky for at least 5 minutes before ‘fading’ or being obscured by clouds.

    It could either have been two separate orange lights, or the same one that I saw twice.

    I could not get a good look through the binoculars due to shake and difficulty in focusing – all I could make out was the light itself.

    I have seen a ‘similar’ orange light (viewed from the same location) in a similar experience on 18th Sep 2008 at 10pm (I noted all the details at that time) – there were also approx six white lights rising at different speeds in a different region of the sky (east).

    I have also seen other orange and white lights or phenomena and the first and ‘best’ was around 4 years ago (recorded and filed somewhere) near St Michaels Mount, Marazion: I saw a stationary bright white light which then seemed to shoot off and then I saw two see-through, orange ‘blobs’ floating in unison downwards toward the mount. Magical!

    Thank you for your time and help.

    Best wishes, marc

  3. i saw it last night and recorded a video of it.. only thing is i stopped recording it just as it split into two parts, one part faded away and the other fell to the ground but couldnt find where it landed

  4. I also saw one White misty circular disk moving back and forth very fast on 7th july 2009 exactly a month after alan and anne’s sightig id never seen anythig like it we saw it several times by fistral beach I was with 2 other friends and we all saw it. The object then flew off so fast and was gone.

  5. i cant believe this is actually become something, i reported it to the police after seeing the same objects for the second time in the sky over newquay about 10 days ago, i so happy i am not crazy. The Truth Is Out There.

  6. hi i saw a single orange light on two separate occasions whilst walking dog around the qaurry in delabole,it was sometime in june 09 and i saw the orange light which was large in comparison to the stars moving through the sky,it wasnt flashing or darting about but dissapeared in about 3 minutues.i knew it wasnt a plane as there was no noise at all,i also saw it the following night and when i told people what i saw they just laughed which annoyed me.i dont know what it was but it was not a plane

  7. They are chinese lanterns what you are seeing, they are visable for a while and then they go out. Nothing UFO about them lol sorry to dissapoint.

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