Norden, Rochdale-31st December 2008

Location of Sighting: Norded,Rochdale
Date of Sighting: 31st December 2008
Time: After Midnight
Witness: Chris

Witness Statement : After midnight whilst out watching fireworks, in the distance a formation of 3 lights slowly flew from over rochdale to our location,, as they reached us the lights went out, this was followed by 2 more then 2 singles over the next half hour There was 6 of us watching .then the next door neighbour noticed a took pictures. definately not aircraft.

1st January 2009 Update: UK-UFO have asked Chris to check out the Chinese Lantern Video to see if this could offer a possible explanation for the sighting.We have also asked if it is possible to send in the photos taken by his neighbour.

Source:Direct request on UK-UFO

Comment : If you can provide further information on this or other possible UFO sightings in the Norded,Rochdale or surrounding area then please leave a comment or send details through our “submit sighting” form.


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  1. I recently came across your site and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice site. I will keep visiting this site very often.


  2. 1st of jan 2009 around 03.30am norden rochdale over the wind farm me and my dad and mum all seen this. There was 2 Orange round shaped objects in the sky… 1 was moving along the wind farm right to left the 2nd one stayed where it was then cought up to the 1st one as the 1st one shot of up in the sky. the 2nd one stayed where it was for 20sec or so then there was like flares that came from it them shot off up in to the sky i have never seen anything like this in my life, there was not planes, planes that we no of can NOT move in this way! about 10 min later they both came back far right of the wind farm again both was moving across the sky then stop start and shoot of at such a high speed with no noise!
    if any 1 has any photos of this i would love to see what you took.

  3. I saw the same in Notting HIll Gate, london, at 3.00am. There were five Orange Round lights, three of them were first in a line, they disappeared then another two appeared..

    Made my New Years

  4. Just after midnight on new year’s eve whilst watching fireworkls over Norden, I spotted three orange lights travelling in a triangular formation travelling north. These were followed by three more orange lights travelling in the same direction. Several minutes later i saw a single orange light travelling north. On all three sightings, the lights went out after several minutes. These were definitely not planes.

  5. My parents were looking afte my 15 year old Niece on New Years Eve in Corby, Northants, they went outside to watch fireworks just after midnight about 12.10 and also saw three round orange balls in the sky again no sound and no movement just there in the sky for at least 4 mins! as the objects moved away there was a red like vapour trail …. I’m surprised that no other sightings have been reported??????

  6. I’m so pleased to read the reports from people across the country about all the sightings.
    At 12.30am on new years eve 2009 outside our house in buckingham, buckinghamshire my wife, my self and our kids stood with one of our neighbours and watched and orange glowing object in the sky.
    We’ve never seen anything like it before in our lives.
    We cannot explain what it is.
    I’m not a believer in all this ufo talk but after what we’ve seen I must say that it raises a good few questions.

    UK-UFO Update-This sighting has also been posted as a separate entry in the Buckinghamshire section of the website

  7. About 10 of us saw exactly the same on just after midnight on New Year Eve above Royton, Oldham. We didn’t even notice the fireworks because couldn’t take our eyes off about 5 orange balls in a perfect formation crossing the sky. They kept in sight for ages before disappearing out of view. We have got a video and some good pictures. I have spoken to some people at work and they saw them too. It was amazing, I have never seen anything like it.

    UK-UFO Update-This sighting has also been posted as a separate entry in the Greater Manchester section of the website

  8. Myself, my partner and 2 teenage daughters saw these after 12:30am new years day,above the Trafford Centre in Manchester, 3 orange balls in a triangle formation, followed by another 2! we also saw one of these just before christmas, at around 6:00pm, they were silent and moving very slowly, unlike anything i have ever seen before.

  9. Although i didn’t see them when i phoned my mum and dad at about 5 past 12 on new years eve they told me they were watching 3 orange lights that were definantly not planes as described above. This was int he Norden area of Rochdale as well so it would appear quite a few people have seen this.

  10. hi there just after midnight my in laws was stood on their decking watching an orange light moving around in the sky it was moving around then shot up in the sky a few mins later it appeared in a different part of the sky since then we have spoken to loads and people are saying they was chinese lanterns but i have 6 photos on my computer of them and they are no way lanterns they are moving at quite a speed and they are leaving trails behind them if anyone want to contact me from this website for the photos they are more than welcome 🙂

    10th January 2009 :UK-UFO have asked Michael to send in his photos so we can add them to the site for review by our readers.

  11. just been looking on you tube and this to me is the best video

    wow im so jelous of all you people that have seen these things

  12. I am from norden and i also saw this.

  13. It seems consistent that all recent sightings are of Orange lights,travelling in the same way the same as the ones my girlfriend and I saw over preston Docks on 10th Jan 2009.

    11th January 2009 UK-UFO Update :A sighting over Preston Docks was also reported reported by A Cabasa on 10th January 2009 and is listed under the Lancashire section of this site.

  14. On Monday 5/1/09 about 22:00ish I saw 13 orange balls rise from the ground above the norden area (possibly further north I was about 5 miles away) perfect seperation, no exhaust trails, noise, green/red/strobes climbed vertically approx 1800ft then climbed to approx 3000ft and flew in an arc and off to the north west towards bolton/preston, reported this to GMP but they werent interested. did anyone see this so I know I am not going mad?

  15. At 7;30 on 5th january,i was walking down mornington road kirkholt,Rochdale,when i witnessed five red lights flying in formation,once these disapeares,they were followed by another formation and this was followed by another,this was continuous for ten minutes.

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