Norden, Rochdale-31st December 2008

Location of Sighting: Norded,Rochdale
Date of Sighting: 31st December 2008
Time: After Midnight
Witness: Chris

Witness Statement : After midnight whilst out watching fireworks, in the distance a formation of 3 lights slowly flew from over rochdale to our location,, as they reached us the lights went out, this was followed by 2 more then 2 singles over the next half hour There was 6 of us watching .then the next door neighbour noticed a took pictures. definately not aircraft.

1st January 2009 Update: UK-UFO have asked Chris to check out the Chinese Lantern Video to see if this could offer a possible explanation for the sighting.We have also asked if it is possible to send in the photos taken by his neighbour.

Source:Direct request on UK-UFO

Comment : If you can provide further information on this or other possible UFO sightings in the Norded,Rochdale or surrounding area then please leave a comment or send details through our “submit sighting” form.


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  1. i saw it too, my stepdad (that guy who posted above) text my mum too see, and we saw them from our doorstep. it wasnt as clear though because of the street light right outside our house

  2. I can’t say the objects that i witnessed above where chinese lanterns as they where flying in formation,and as there was several formations,why where they following the same route,as if they where intellegently controlled.There was something interesting on the news where the blades on a wind farm was mysteriously twisted,the only explanation they could think of was that a ufo collided with it,this was on the news not long after my sighting.

  3. I agree, the objects climbed in formation and travelled in an arc no way chinese lanterns. i am glad someone else saw them because the police thought i was mad!

  4. Hi

    This latest NWUR link may perhaps be of some interest to readers regarding recent UFO activity and the Cumbrian tremor.

    Kind Regards

    Pat Regan

  5. Thanks Pat for the link to what is an extremely interesting article. Hope our site can one day aspire to similar heights.
    It’s also good to see that renowned UFO researchers like yourself are taking the time to visit our site. Hope you are able to visit on a regular basis and offer an experienced opinion on some of the more unusual sightings we receive and publish…Thanks Andy Mannion

  6. on new years eve about 12:30, i saw exactly the same thing. 3 ornage balls in the sky which moved in formation and then sped up really quickly toward eachother then disappeared. i live in littleborough and it was here that they were seen. since then, on atleast 2 seperate occassions i have seen the same orange/yellow balls in the sky. on one occassion 3 orange balls were in formation, then all of a sudden in perfect formation 2 went upwards and the one in the middle flashed really brightly and came downwards. it has been really strange, but since these events occured i definitely believe there is something out there!

  7. By any change did anyone saw the 8 round orange lights that cross Rochdale on the 28/12/2009

  8. New Years day 2010 at 12:05am,saw about 30 orange lights in the sky,passing south west over Halifax,definetly not fireworks and too high for lanterns.Did anyone else see this.

  9. i have seen a light in the sky back in 1996-7 july it came down from high above and hoverd over a field behind my house (sounds crazy but its true) it was slow i ran and woke my mum up she saw it aswell it flew over the house slowly and it was a shining bright orange/white light i would say a bout a mile up.. it had no sound tho i think its because sound is slower than light so im thinking the sound of it will get there some time in the future??? ne way it went over the house and e saw it start to climb up back in to the night sky then it went like a bullet north not seen again.

  10. i was sitting in the living room with my mum i saw a object fly over the house quite low, no sound, it was a spinning silver pyramid shape, travelling very fast,it was travelling towards norden, rochdale about 12.15 pm 30th jan 2010. The sky is very clear, we rushed to the rear of the house but nothing was there, our dog keeps acting strange coming to us on occasions as if sensing something.

  11. Saw similar red/orange lights over Saddleworth shortly after midnight 31 Dec / 1st Jan. I can understand the idea that they could have been some form of lantern – glow, no sound etc; but these had no irregular movements about them. it was almost as if they were on a set trajectory. Didn’t have too much to drink by that time, so I can’t blame the bubbly stuff.

  12. Last night myself and the wife were in the garden when she spotted a flame like light moving across the sky. I jumped up to have a look and at first glance it looked like a star, but the colour was redish. Itt made several movements then its light went out. I know about Chinese Lanterns which came to me, but it was still moving erratically before moving away out of site behind the trees. I also mentioned this to my neighbour and they say they seen the same thing the night before and were convinced it was a ufo. There could be a simple explaination for the object but im struggling to think of it.

  13. I saw these lights on three seperate occasions. on new years eve my friends and i where camping on the golf course in whitefield and all saw them they seemed to be lined up. then once while i was at driving around rochdale where i live with my father and a friend they seemed more like low flying aircraft however they would hover from time to time and where like nothing i had seen before i pointed them out but my father and friend dismissed them. and then once again while i was in amsterdam with one of the friends i was camping with for a holiday in april 2009 this one was alone. i hadnt thought about it for a while but whilst looking them back up i noticed that the sightings had been seen in holland aswell as the uk… i am now quite creeped out by the whole thing.

  14. as a young lad living in rochdale i saw a sight that has shaped the way iv vthought ever since……i lived in a 3 storey house on the edge of falinge park…one nite i found myself at my bedroom window when i noticed two very bright stars in the sky…they would accelerate at high speed and then stop.
    .move again in what seemed to be co ordinated movements with each other…i knew evenvat that age that these were not the movements of “conventional” craft. I went vand woke my dad who just groaned and turned over..we used to get the manchester evening news delivered and guess what..there it was on the front page..apparently it(they) had chased a car along a country rd in cheshire…”see, i told you” i said
    my dad looked flabbergasted…that incident has triggered a life long interest this a related subjects..and for sure the”government” are covering up…there clumsy attempt to pretend to b releasing “files” when in fact they released one of their own cover stories (namely two 60 yr.old men with planks on their feet “created” the crop circles) was absolute proof to me that they are hiding somthing..

    whether its the fact that the germans via the Vril project in the 30’s had allready made and tested an eletroagnetic saucer, the honnebau, or whether we have visitors amongst us… guess is both are true…we have our own “saucers”and we have “visitors too
    ….one cant but help come to the conclusion that its not for .our benefit we are not being told whats really going on….the conciousness of the planet would expand were this knowledge to b made public… if it is a hybrid breeding program as many have claimed and theyre worried about mass panic…we need to.b given a chance to “grow up” our natural creativity will come to the surface and provide solutions for “us”…..someone or somthing somewhere wants to keep us in the dark….

  15. When I was a kid I lived in a village called Croston near Preston. One day I was out messing around outside on a clear summers day & happened to look up at the sky. To this day I don’t know what made me look up but I was compelled to do so. As I did I saw 3 silvery coloured spheres static way up in the sky. They remained static for a few seconds then began to move randomly at high speed in and around one another & would stop from time to time. After about a minute they disappeared at very high speed. As I was watching them I was rooted to the spot, completely focused on them & felt nothing until they had gone. I’ve only ever told a handful of people about this for fear of them thinking I was crazy.

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