Norfolk Suffolk border-26th Septermber 2013

Location of Sighting: Norfolk Suffolk border
Date of Sighting: 26/9/13
Time: 21.05
Witness Name: Anon

Witness Statement:I came on this website to see if i could find anyone to verify what i saw, as i can’t believe i was the only person to see it; unless some people think it’s quite normal to see a fast moving dark shadow move accross the night sky, blocking out stars as it goes.
We have a dog, and for some reason it seems to be my job to put him out in the garden every night. The 26th. Sep. was crystal clear, and the dog wasn’t doing much, so i was just kicking my heels waiting for him to get on with it, and noticed out of the corner of my eye, a faint red streak above and slightly to the left of me. My immediate thought was, it was a shooting star i’d just missed, then looking up, i saw what i can only describe as a dark “shape” move accross the sky with 3 or 4 very faint red streaks running from the front to the back. I have no idea of height, but i reckon that if i held out my fist at arms length, that was about the size of it. It traveled in a straight line, slightly to the left of the pole star, and then disappeared behind the neighbours trees. In all, this took about 3 seconds, and to use the old cliche, there were no flashing lights or sound. I think i made some comment to the dog like, “what the hell was that”, but he’s staying schtum, and i don’t blame him after blank looks i got from the rest of the family.
I just can’t believe i was the only one to see this, and with all the U.S. and R.A.F. camps around here, that it wasn’t picked up on radar. So if there’s anyone who can shed some light on this for me, please let me know, as my only other witness is keeping his jaws very tightly shut.


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Updated: October 4, 2013 — 9:26 pm


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  1. This is interesting! Have you seen this report of a similar sighting from Colchester on the same date?

  2. I would contact the people you mention below.

  3. Hi there, this has been similar to what i have been seeing, not once but twice and the second time witnessed by my fried too. it is a shadow, in the shape of an angular triangular boomerang, it is lower in the atmosphere, no lights and no sound, moves faster than satellites , aircraft, we have tried to reason with the possibility that it may be a big bird, but i have seen them in the sky and you can distinctly see the wings moving where as this object looks more solid. The first time i seen this object it was like what you described when myself and my witness saw it a few weeks back the light pollution from earth had given it a slight red brown tinge to it. It is big. I would say traveling under earths atmosphere. The second time it shot across and did a sharp angle round then vanished. both nights where aprox between the hours of 10pm and 1am. both nights the sky was clear.

  4. Hi Anon,

    Interesting sighting, thanks for sharing.

    In Steven Spielberg’s film ‘Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind’ there is exactly what you describe, ‘a dark shadow’ moving across the landscape. You may know that the late Dr Allen Hynek was employed as a consultant on the film, & no doubt in his time working for the US on ‘Project Blue Book’, was given privileged access to witnesses’ sightings of UFO’s, there photo’s/video’s.

    So the ‘dark shadow’, the ‘blinding light from above’, the mad ‘shaking of the mailboxes’, the ‘light’ that appears at the mountain & slits into several ‘lights’, these all appear on the film & likewise have all been reported by UFO witness’s.

  5. Chris,

    You raise an interesting point; perhaps Anon has seen said film (which is fiction, I might add, and also involves a man sculpting a mountain out of potato). Imagination can be a remarkable thing.

  6. Hi, would it be possible to be more exact with your location, I’m near Eye in Suffolk and do some investigations in my spare time, I could put the feelers out so to speak,

  7. Anon, Norflok Suffolk border

    Thanks Chris and Steve for your comments, but my family already have instructions to fetch a straight jacket if they see me making mountains out of my mashed potato, although the idea of having one or two of my kids abducted by aliens, sometimes has a certain appeal. Maybe i sounded a bit flippant about my sighting, but at the time, i thought maybe i’d just witnessed a massive rock skim past the Earth, but couln’t find any reports of anything. So then i started thinking about a very large flock of low flying birds, but that doesn’t account for the faint red lines i saw. All i want is a logical explanation for what i witnessed; i don’t believe in top secret aircraft, or aliens visiting our planet or any other stupid conspiracy theories, but i’ve described what i saw as best i can, considering it happened in a matter of seconds. I suppose i could describe it as “a big black cloak being dragged accross the sky, blocking out stars as it went”, but then i’d only be accused of watching too much Harry Potter.

  8. Anon, Norfolk Suffolk border

    Hi Daz, all i’ll say is i’m about 5 miles from Eye. It took me a good few days to pluck up the courage to post my sighting, as i don’t want to invite ridicule. Staying anonymous suits me fine, but i’d be very grateful for any suggestions. Cheers.

  9. Anon,

    I wasn’t accusing you of anything, please understand; sometimes the memory of a film, book or tale can inspire the imagination; your latter explanation clearly says you saw something, without a doubt. I’m intrigued that you ‘don’t believe’ in top secret aircraft, as they exist, and have done through the years. As for aliens, I’m not so sure, but it’s not to be dismissed too lightly. I have no idea what you saw, I’m afraid!

  10. Who on this site does not believe in top secret aircraft. Now let me think!

  11. Hi Anon, you left a comment on my report of my Colchester sighting on the same date. Yours sounds very similar. I would urge anyone who’s interested in what you saw to also check out my Colchester reports on the 8th and 28th August 2012.

    Did you check with MOD re radar reports or are you speculating?

    Where are you along the Norfolk Suffolk border exactly as you may be a few degrees off north from me. The sighting times maybe a little off but the fact you saw something fitting the same description, in the same vicinity, on the same night intrigues me!

    Rachel’s report also sounds uncannily the same and fits perfectly with my previous posts. I cant find her report on here so Rachel, if you read this please tell us where we can find it. I’m interested to know where you are located.

  12. Hi again, I see from a previous reply, you say your about five miles from Eye. Here’s another point to note; I just checked on Google earth and your due north, north east of me, the same direction the object in my report was travelling!

    Can I confirm, was the object you saw travelling north to south or south to north?

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