Norris Green Liverpool-12th March 2013

Location of Sighting: Norris Green Liverpool UK
Date of Sighting: 12/03 2013
Time: Between 19:0019:30
Witness Name: Martin

Witness Statement: I was out side looking for the Comet Panstarss. It was a clear night and I was unable to see it I stayed out for a while just looking at the stars when I noticed two disks travelling north west they were about 1000 – 2000 feet up and about the size of my thumb at arms length and travelling about the speed of a plane but had no aviation light at all. They were a dark gray colour about the same as the dark side of the moon ass you can see it now. They traveled one behind the other close together i could make them out really well the sighting lasted about 30 seconds I ran inside to get the kids but when we came out they was just too far away to make them out. Hopefully other people were out looking for the comet too? and may have seen the disks. i was in shock and have given myself time before I posted this to think about what I saw but I still believe they were disks if anyone else saw these please leave a comment. thank you martin


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Updated: March 14, 2013 — 9:48 pm


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  1. Hi Martin, Compare your sighting to the one I had 2 years ago – sounds fairly similar –

  2. How did you see 2 x dark grey disks so clearly, with no aviation lights, after 7 in the evening?

  3. Hi Gary they stood out against the sky it was not fully dark

  4. They stood out against the sky it was not pitch dark and thinking about it the city light may have been reflecting of they I can only post how I remember it I wish I had pics but my phones was in the house.hope this helps you out

  5. Hello Martin,
    In January 2010 I had a sighting very similar to yours . It was minus 12 degrees at the time and the sky’s were clear as a bell . I first saw a grey disc fly over my position from Manchester city centre going towards Warrington , the second disc was about 4 minutes behind it. They were silent vey large no navigation lights . They were flying at the speed of an air liner and I estimate that they were about five times the size of a air liner. I would not take much notice of Maulder and Scully who try and trash every sighting posted on here you and I know what we saw .

  6. Mad in it I can only post what I sawthats the point of this site cheers runs

  7. Sorry russ predictive text oops

  8. Any sound, Martin, to rule out jets as there has been the odd Tornado landing at John Lennon recently. Thanks for coming back by the way.

  9. Hi Gary no sound at all.

  10. Gary the thing is this , we all have the basic understanding of flight and when you observe something that is beyond your understanding of how things should work it’s an amazing moment in your life. You then doubt all the things you have been told , like why is that massive silent disc flying over my head because its beyond any technology that we have or tots we have. These craft witnessed may not be alien but from our own governments who knows , then you have to get passed the ridicule that has been out in this subject . Once you see one of these crafts your life changes for ever,
    Thanks Russ.

  11. Thanks martin. Can’t really explain this one then. Russ, these were hardly massive, but thanks for your insight anyway.

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