North Chingford, London – 22nd February 2014

Location of Sighting: London North Chingford
Date of Sighting: 22/02/14
Time: 22:40
Witness Name: Emily green and Roxy Hole

Witness Statement: Me and my friend were sitting on my balcony having a cigarette, when all of a sudden we noticed a really bright light about half a mile away that came out of nowhere, it was moving at quiet some speed travelling downwards, within seconds it had disappeared within the trees of the golf course which my flat overlooks, we videoed the event but when we checked back on our phone half the video was gone and no light visible which is really freaky, lucky enough we did take a really clear picture of the light, we really felt we needed to share our experience as we are very confused.


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Updated: March 4, 2014 — 8:50 pm


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  1. Where dying to see the picture.

    Of course it could be over enthusiastic golfers with red balls trying to dodge green fees. Not sure why you think the object had something to do with the malfunction of your phone and why it was freaky?

  2. Looking forward to seeing this photo. Isn’t it always the way when you see a UFO, try to film it but can’t? Why is this I wonder?

  3. Still awaiting the pictures.

  4. I think both you and I know, Nemo, that Misses Green and Hole are pseudonyms. I would have thought R Sole was more appropriate.

  5. Hi Gary,

    Andy has set up a great site here were posters can report an (alleged) sighting, & just as importantly, we are able to post comments on what we interpret the sighting/picture(s) to be.

    I remember a short while back that Andy said, after (I think) Alberts Victoria Park sighting, (allegedly), that he was going to ‘ban’ any abuse from posters. With this in mind, I find your above comments somewhat distasteful & churlish in the extreme.

    I don’t know if you have children, or if you learnt that they were being called **** holes, or that you think that form of abuse is acceptable, or if you were called that, you would be fine with it, somehow, I doubt that you would be.

    The above sighting, (along with all the others), may or may not be a pack of lies, no one ‘knows’, you are of course welcome to your viewpoint, you are not welcome to use Andy’s great site as a
    springboard to abuse posters, just because you don’t happen to ‘believe’, please be good enough to modify your language in future.

    Perhaps you’d be magnanimous enough to apologize to for your indiscretion.

  6. R Sole, chris. I’m Chinese and that’s what we say when we’re having fish and noodles out of wok. How can a fish name be offensive? I’ve even said ah so! on an internal flight in china, they moved me to another seat.

    Why does andy not ban posters where they say they have a video/pictures and don’t post it at the same time. Would stop the hoaxers, don’t you think? How many sightings have posters said this and the video or pictures do not appear?

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