North Moreton, Oxon-August 1965

Location of Sighting: North Moreton Oxon
Date of Sighting: August 1965
Time: around 7pm
Witness Name: Steve Evans & Sharon Evans

Witness Statement: After 45 years I feel it time to document an extraordinary event that happened to my sister and I on a warm August evening in 1965. Although reported by the local press and investigated by the local police and air force officials from RAF Benson the sighting was never officially listed, even though I believe it remains one of the most incredible daylight encounters ever in the UK.
We lived in the small village of North Moreton, which at the time was quite remote; our house bordered farmers fields which..if followed for about 4 miles, would lead to Didcot (which was a small town in those days). I was just eight years old and my sister was six, It was a warm evening and we decided to take our border collie Buster “up the fields” for a walk. He was very protective so my parents had no fears for our safety and we were told always to keep him on a rope..which we duly did. We had been out for about an hour and were making our way back through open fields keeping to the tractor ways. With the house in sight Buster, suddenly started yelping and leaping in the air, dragging me forward so hard that I had to let him go. He raced off toward the house and I turned to Sharon, who’s hand I was holding, and said “whats up with Buster?”…at that instant we were both immersed in light and sound. An object the size of a small car quickly descended over us with a light so bright that one of my clearest memories is looking at the grass at our feet and being unable to lift my head. The sound was a constant hum/purr and there was a strange feeling in our hair and on our skin. I panicked and ran a few paces, leaving Sharon who screamed and screamed. As I turned to her and shouted “run” I could see the object through the light…it was no more that a few feet above her head, as she ran toward me it followed her for a few yards… Then, in the blink of an eye it shot straight up into the clear sky with incredible speed, I recall seeing it as a tiny round speck, the ascent being followed by what I described at the time as “thunder in the sky”. Almost petrified with fear I ran to the house screaming for my parents, leaving my sister to make her way own back. My mother ran back up the fields and scooped her up. Even though we had no knowledge of UFO’s or any idea of what we had seen the incident had a profound effect on us. In fact it was only some weeks later when a local farmer ploughing his fields at night had similar encounter with an identical object that my parents contacted the Police who in turn alerted the RAF. To this day my memory of the event is vivid and my minds picture of the object ascending will stay with me forever.


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  1. Awesome, thanks for coming forward with this excellent local account. Did you notice any particular shape? My friend had a similar encounter in a forest near RAF Benson & said whatever it was, was triangular. I’ve seen very fast lights moving over Wallingford, so I have no problem believing your encounter. Thanks again

  2. Hi again, are you still in the area, and if so would you be willing to get this on record for a short web video I’m working on (includes sightings local to Wallingford). If so please email me! Many thanks. Mark L

  3. Hi Mark
    Sincere apologies for not responding at the time of your request; the fact is I have only just looked at the report online. I am not an avid Ufologists however when I wrote of the encounter I had a strong desire to detail the events of that day to ensure they remained “somewhere” not just in our heads.
    I spend half the year in NZ and half in Guernsey – I will be back in late April at which time I will contact you again to see if you remain interested in recording the report

    Best regards

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