North Norfolk-19th September 2012

Location of Sighting: North Norfolk
Date of Sighting: 19TH September 2012
Time: Approx 19:15
Witness Name: Joseph

Witness Statement: North Norfolk England, On The 19TH SEPTEMBER 2012 AT APPROX 19:15, I Was Standing In My Kitchen And My Partner Was Standing In The Living Room When Suddenly My Partner Saw From The Window A Bright Yellow, Orange Moving Object In The Sky Then Suddenly I Saw A Beam Of Yellow, Orange Light, Beam Through Our Front Window And Through To The Back Precise Centre Of Our Kitchen Middle Window, It Almost Looked Like Someone Was Holding The Most Intense Light Source Towards The Window, It Almost Looked Like A Spider?s Web With A Very Bright Centre About The Size Of A 10p And The Beam Was Very Warm Because I Was Standing Right Next To It, It Was There For About 4-5 Sec?s Then Just Turned Off Like A Light Switch , It Must Of Been Very Intense Because It Beamed Straight Through Our Living Room Window And Laid On Our Kitchen Window On The Other Side Of Our Home And Did Not Disappear From The Centre Of The Window Until After 4-5 Sec?s, Yet My Partner Seen The Object Moving Fairly Fast But Did Not See The Beam I Did Because She Was Observing The Sky , The Beam On The Window Was The Size Of A Large Dinner Plate. It Was Getting Dull Outside So The Sun Did Not Seem The Answer, So A Real Big Mystery.


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Updated: September 21, 2012 — 8:05 pm

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