North Oxford-26th September 2014

Location of Sighting: North Oxford
Date of Sighting: 26 September 2014
Time: 10pm to 10:30pm
Witness Name: Jane Rumbold, Matthew Rumbold and Diana Gardner

Witness Statement: We were cycling home from Headington to Cutteslowe along the cycle track of the Northern Bypass last night between 10pm to 10:30. There was a thin layer of cloud. We saw a bright rounded light behind the clouds ahead of us (like the moon) but with a vertical beam shining straight down. This caught our attention and we watched the light closely. The light then quickly split into two and disappeared sideways completely for about three seconds before reappearing again. We then saw a circle of lights shining around the object and moving inwards. The light then flashed and went off.

We went to the nearest park now (27th September) to see if we could see it again and it is there again! It is not as clear as last night and there is no down beam tonight but there are still circular lights which appear around it and which also occasionally forms a halo like ring moving to the centre, the light then brightens and disappears completely for a few seconds. It is a light in the sky north of Oxford. I have never seen anything like it before.


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Updated: September 30, 2014 — 9:10 pm


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  1. I live in Milton Keynes and this report sounds very similar to something my friend and I witnessed right above our heads around three AM in the morning about 11 years ago on a very clear dry night,I have never reported this incident ,but have told several people of my experience.

    My friend had stayed late at my house and as she had to be up for work next morning ordered a cab home,well we stood outside the front of my house to wait for the taxi and we were chatting about work and things,well I cant explain why what made us both look up above our heads together,and all of a sudden two large headlights turned on and shone down on us not moving,there was no sound nothing it seemed like we looked up for a few minutes,then as suddenly as the lights turned on they turned off,they neither moved up nor down or sidways,and it was all very quiet no noise.
    I looked at my friend and she looked at me,and we both blurted out did you just see what I saw??and we both blurted out the same description ,all we could describe it as was two silent large car headlight beams shining down on us both.
    I must add I have seen other strange objects in the sky over from the back of my house,and my only explanation is I live straight accross from the top secret listening base of Hanslope Park,and also live under the direct flight path of London /Luton,also Heathrow,and Stanstead Airports,along with a flight path of US military flights coming from Mildenhall and heading towards RAF Croughton direction ,along with the chinook helicopter from Croughton which flies over my house twice daily with top secret files for Hanslope park,but what happened over our heads was not due to any flights

  2. You say you visited this for a second time and it was there again !! can we see the photograph / video please !!!

  3. Hi, it does sound like a perfect description of a laser show of the type seen above a nightclub. If the first night had more moisture/mist in the air this would be why the ‘shaft’ was seen. Plot the direction on Googlemaps and see if you can work out where the pub/club was. You’ll possibly see it other weekends too, (though it may have been hired for the new intake of Uni students and is now back with the hire company).

  4. Pauline,

    With all due respect your own sighting is not at all like the reported sighting. Lights in the night sky is all they have in common, (just as lots of UFO sightings are).

  5. I forgot. At Kiddlington, there is an internationally renowned flying school, fixed wing and choppers. Sounds like night flying going on. Or lasers.

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