Northampton-15th March 2012

Location of Sighting: Northampton
Date of Sighting: 15-03-12.
Time: 13.00
Witness Name: Ted

Witness Statement: So, could not find anything like this online so thought I would put it on. Silver shimmer off light, flashing down towards earth. Only lasted around 3 seconds. Very bright and glimmoring, strange though indeed. Baring in mind this is 13.00 in the afternoon. Anyone else ever seen anything quite like this?


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Updated: March 15, 2012 — 8:02 pm


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  1. I saw it too cambridge 13.oo zigzag through sky silver in colour

  2. I saw the same sort of thing at around the same time north of the A406/M11 junction. There was a silver streak, then two silver spheres and bright flash. It may have been a meteor high in the sky to also been seen in East London.

  3. Found this post whilst researching for a friend who said he saw what looked like a bit of space debris burning up at about 1pm – 1:15pm, 15 Mar 2012, whilst in London, looking roughly north.

  4. Yes I saw this too, same time in Brandon on the Suffolk/Norfolk border.

    A number of others around the UK saw it, please see my twitter feed @essextc

    Being daytime, and very bright and sunny, it was indeed very odd.

  5. Ye, lightning.

  6. I seen the same thing at the same time this afternoon (14.03.12) 13:00
    Was amazing silver beam which trailed fastly out the day light sky! Bright silver burst!
    My friend was driving in the car ahead and also witnessed it too!!
    Location: Middlesbrough

  7. Date corrections 15.03.12

  8. check this footage from russia

    was it anything like this?

  9. Glad some others saw it! genuinely made a change to a boring lunch, not sure what it was defiantly not lightning though. Doubt we will ever see anything like that again until the little green fellers do come down ;).

  10. I saw it too around 13:00 15.03.12. It was like something was burning up through the atmosphere heading towards the ground. I saw it from Tower Hill, London looking North. Does anyone know for definite yet as to what it actually was??

  11. I saw something extremely similar on the 14th around 10.30pm in Liverpool
    It was a bright light in the sky that I assumed was a star.
    All of a sudden it accelerated towards earth at a tremendous velocity. If I had blinked I would have certainly missed it.
    I’m glad people saw something similar, I thought I was going mad!!

  12. Yes, we saw this 3 separate times yesterday near Thetford/Brandon – I thought it was the silver underbelly of a jet, but it was SO fast – a silver streak, blue sky then another silver streak. My daughter saw it too & we both said at the same time ”did you see that?”! We are very near USAF bases at Lakenheath & Mildenhall – Project Aurora perhaps?


  14. Tim, I think you’re talking about a different UFO? Yours is a different time and date!

  15. It seems likely this was a meteor/fireball bright enough to be visible in daylight.

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