Norwich-13th August 2009

Sighting: Norwich
Date of Sighting: 13th August 2009
Time: approx 12 30 pm
Witness Name: Grace Roberts

Witness Statement: Orange / red glowing light seen from back of my house in Earlham road roughly in direction of the Avenues.
Viewed it through binoculars and it was definately not a hellicopter or ‘plane. It seemed to be stationary. After about 2 minutes it was covered by cloud.

Source: Direct request on UK-UFO

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Updated: August 14, 2009 — 9:25 pm


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  1. 16th August 2009 at 2128 hrs, six adults were sitting around a chimnea in a garden in Thunder Lane Thorpe St Andrew Norwich, all of a sudden a bright oblong orange light shot across the sky very very fast right in front of us, the light then stopped dead and hovered right there in front of us before changing direction slightly and moving off slowly, it then stopped again and again changed direction very slightly before moving off slowly eastwards towards Great Yarmouth, there was no sound from the object, it was not a plane or a chopper, it had no flashing lights just a bright orange glow, there was no vapour trail, the sky was clear with slight scattered cloud, I would estimate that it’s height was between 15,000 and 20,000 feet, we reported the sighting to the police at 2140 hrs but they confirmed they had received no other reports and that they were unable to contact air traffic control as all the lines were engaged.
    Did anyone else see it ???.

  2. this is my strange ufo event from sat/sun night morn 12.20am 16 aug.from harvey lane area norwich.
    Last night at 12.20am 16 aug i saw the most amazing thing.
    I was watching a film with my wife when we heard cats fighting in our back garden, so i looked out the window.
    while looking out the window a huge orange pulsating blob flew over my house i could not open the window quicker enough it was awesome i had eye contact for 4-5 seconds it was that quick, as it passed over the rooftops.
    My wife missed it as i was hanging out the window in her way i was fixated to it. But then a smaller strange orange flashing light went over the same flight path but slower and a 1/16 of the size of the 1st.
    The 2nd looked like it was flashing compared to the other pulsating my wife saw the 2nd and can’t explain what we saw as it was like nothing we have ever seen.
    I wanted to cry with excitment i was shaking, sweating buckets it was so emotional in a very nice way.
    I have always belived in et’s ufo’s etc so to see what i did is truly amazing.
    I just wanted to share my experiance as it was best thing ever to happen to me.
    This is 100% fact i have no reason to lie i hope others saw it to and hope someone got it on film.
    The truth is definitely out there
    Thanks for reading my true life event

  3. I spotted the same thing with my wife last thursday around 10pm. We were sat having a drink on our decking when a bright orange light came shooting across the sky from west to north east direction. It had no trail and must have been travelling over 1500mph easily. It went then about 10 minutes later another two came over the same trajectory one behind each other, about a hands-width apart. I took two photos but they havent come out very well because of the light and I did not have time to adjust my camera to compensate. I can forward on though if anyones interested and maybe can do some clever filtering on them.

    I have seen another sighting of an unexplained nature about a year ago where a star like object zig zagged across the sky very rapidly and then dissapeared.


  4. Sun day sept 20. sighted two glowing objects from our back garden at about 645pm.Orange i suppose in colour but seemed to be made up of many shades.Basically a colour i dont know really what to call.Lead ufo- cos that is definatly what they were,stopped suddenly in the sky about half mile away from us,then suddenly rose straight up about 500 feet.Again it stopped dead, motionless.The other craft slowly came along side before they both disappeared high through the cloud.These were not aircraft head on. To all disbelievers, nothing on this planet move like these did ,in total silence.

  5. Hi to all above. I believe what we all saw were definatly related.I know beyond any doubt what i saw and it didnt come from this world.I have always believed in alien life and i now know it really exists.I have in the past seen one or two things in the sky that i thought might be ufo.However when you see something like i did the other night you know instantly you are seeing the real thing. I ve been frustrated however in that ive reported it to the M.O.D and other sites but have had meagre response.Especially from the MOD who really dont want to comment.My encounter was 110% definate proof of ufos and i wish someone would be more interested.Please e-mail me your thoughts….Mick.

  6. Mattar Ariel Shaked

    Orange lights in the city sky in Norwich, Norfolk are commonly misidentified IFOs. What you were probably observing are chinese lanterns, who tend to pick up “strange” motions as they are easily affected by wind currents. At any point where one is release in stormy or windy conditions, it might seem to move in unpredictable courses, often leading to the misidentification of chinese lanterns as a UFO.

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