Norwich-6th August 2013

Location of Sighting: Norwich
Date of Sighting: 06/08/13
Time: 23.35
Witness Name: Mick

Witness Statement:I saw a triangular set of lights 7 in total moving very fast from direction of south norwich towards north. They came over my house and I can defiantly say it was not a solid object as the stars were visible in and around the object. It moved very quickly and was completely silent. There were no clouds visible and defiantly not any king of jet or plane.


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Updated: August 7, 2013 — 9:47 pm


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  1. defiantly not any king of jet or plane.

    Possibly seven jets or planes?

  2. Seven Typhoons perhaps?

  3. Hi Mick,

    Great sighting, thanks for sharing. Were you able to make out any lights, colour?.

    Hi Steve T,

    As Mick said they ‘were silent’ do you think that all seven jets had the engines switched off & were in glide mode 😉

  4. Chris,

    I’ll say again; I have watched typhoons at quite a short distance, with no noise. The poster says it was not a solid object, it was seven distinct lights. Are you suggesting – again – that aliens travel all this way then, very kindly, switch hazard lights on for us? Surely you can see the description fits aircraft flying in formation?

  5. Steve T my bet is Typhoons

  6. The answer to first question from Chris the lights were very dull almost brown. And the second defiantly not typhoons although the may not make a sound!! the object was below the clouds ( sorry didn’t put that in my report) I have seen jets planes satellites and possibly even santa this sighting was none of those no question its unidentified

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