Norwich, Norfolk-15th August 2009

Location of Sighting: Norwich, Norfolk
Date of Sighting: Saturday, August 15th
Time: 00.15am
Witness Name: Nick Bishop

Witness Statement: My wife and I witnessed at least 8 fast moving orange objects crossing the sky at speed, at intervals of about 2-3 minutes. They were silent, but seemed high enough to disappear into clouds. They were travelling south west to north east. Cold these be the Chinese lanterns I read about? I cannot imagine a “tea-light” would stay alight at those speeds at that height! Would be interested to know if anyone else saw them and if they are these silly lanterns!

Source: Direct request on UK-UFO

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Updated: August 15, 2009 — 12:56 pm


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  1. Hi, My wife & I were in the garden – Norfolk Broads – watching out for shooting stars -as publicised – on Wed 12th August 09 at appx 10:00 pm. My wife called out & we both watched as an object passed towards us -seemingly low in the sky. It was a glowing red ball =appeared to be burning -came from the North -West – it passed towards us and in a straight line behind us – ie South-East. It took about 12-15 seconds from first sighting to pass off into the distance – an ever decreasing glow. As we were getting over the shock -3/4 minutes ANOTHER one did exactly the same. I raced to get my camcorder & missed it , but incredibly, there was yet a third one just the same!! (I recorded on night-shot, but I only got shades of white -no red!)
    The path they took was different from the frequent planes we saw that night – the speed of travel seemed faster but not so fast that they couldn’t be watched fro 12 secs or so.
    I suppose they were burning particles – larger ones- from the comet’s trail, but I’d like to confirm this with an official body.

  2. I am so glad to see that other people saw these glowing balls, I was going to my garage when I saw the first of three glowing orange/red balls of light I called my wife to take a look and we then ran to the back garden wondering what had we just seen and then watched the other 2, we tried to take photos with mobile phones but with no success.
    We live in Thetford and saw the first ball at approx 10.45

  3. Last night at 12.20am 16 aug i saw the most amazing thing.
    I was watching a film with my wife when we heard cats fighting in our back garden, so i looked out the window.
    while looking out the window a huge orange pulsating blob flew over my house i could not open the window quicker enough it was awesome i had eye contact for 4-5 seconds it was that quick, as it passed over the rooftops.
    My wife missed it as i was hanging out the window in her way i was fixated to it. But then a smaller strange orange flashing light went over the same flight path but slower and a 1/16 of the size of the 1st.
    The 2nd looked like it was flashing compared to the other pulsating my wife saw the 2nd and can’t explain what we saw as it was like nothing we have ever seen.
    I wanted to cry with excitment i was shaking, sweating buckets it was so emotional in a very nice way.
    I have always belived in et’s ufo’s etc so to see what i did is truly amazing.
    I just wanted to share my experiance as it was best thing ever to happen to me.
    This is 100% fact i have no reason to lie i hope others saw it to and hope someone got it on film.
    The truth is definitely out there
    Thanks for reading my true life event

  4. Stacy and Husband,
    Thanks for reporting your experience.

    I don’t want to take up time posting random comments at this website, but when people take a risk and express what they really felt, you feel like replying. ET’s great (the good ones, that is). Being human ain’t too bad either, at times, maybe often – soon. A friend told me last night about a book she liked, the author felt 95% of the ETs/Aliens are benevolent towards Humanity.

    Thanks for your good work, Andy/editor.
    It’s getting very interesting.

  5. My husband and i also live at the Norfolk broads.We saw an orange object moving very fast but silently across the sky, but we saw it very low and from what i could see it was one of those chinese sky lanterns as i could make out the shape of the parachute and the burning candle. It was an amazing sight and i have to admit if we hadn’t seen it so clearly it would have been really convincing. Keep looking sky searchers.
    Ginny Clarke.

  6. If my sighting was a lantern it would of been the size of a hot air ballon or bigger on the ground i have looked at loads of videos of lanterns etc and i am 100% sure it was not a latern. comet, meteor,it was a solid orange colour no flicker just pulsating as if it had no solid edge. chinese lantern indeed we must have more than china ffs Only i know what i saw and i cant not explain what it was apart from out of this world.

  7. I actually had a weird experience on the 17th August between midnight and 4. I was awoken by what I would describe as alien talking noises what you would hear on the movies. It sounded like talking but not in a language, I was absolutely terrified and could not move or talk, from fear, as though I knew something wasnt right, I texted my friends in the morning and told my boyfriend I think they all thought I was mad, and now having just discovered this today, makes my fears even worse. Were they really outside my house? Or was I dreaming and was all this a coincidence that happened same week as these sightings I live in Belton, near Norwich.

  8. You could be a lightworker and not even aware of it google lightworker it might explain

  9. Hello, i can also confirm i have seen the same as the above mentioned, glowing red\orange in sky, moving very quickly, at Holme – Next – Sea, around the date mentioned above, sorry i cant remember the exact date, however it was my father who spotted the same thing out in the wash, viewed from Hunstanton cliffs, only this time it was not as hight in the sky and seemed to make some noise, where as previously it was silent, our first thoughts were, it was a hot air baloon, however it seemed to move too quickly also changed direction rapidly also! – Still have no idea what it was,
    I’m not one to normally leave comments like this however i am curious to find out more information, so thought i would share my experiences.

  10. Hi, I had to tell you of the totally amazing thing witnessed tonight:
    I live in Wymondham, Norfolk and around 9:30 tonight shortly after dusk I went outside, to have my quiet Friday fag on the patio. While enjoying my cigarette I looked up to the left of our back garden towards the A11 main road and saw, what looked to be, a hot air balloon on fire! The fireball was getting larger and larger and I thought that it was going to explode and crash. I called my wife who came out to watch this amazing thing that seemed so low in the sky as it carried along its path. Then it started to glow less brightly and turned away from us. The glow, as is subsided, had a kind of black aura around it as it faded away…
    The speed this thing disappeared was mad. We then watched it sore into the air about 50 miles away at less than 45 degrees, but it carried on at high speed until it vanished into space. From where we were looking, it seemed like a star because it was so bright. At first, I thought it was the North Star, but moving so fast and then out into space…. I doubt it.

    45 years of camping, watching the skies, and never seeing a thing other than the usual falling stars; I have to say, as someone one doesn’t believe anything unless it’s empirical, then it doesn’t exist.

    Well, I’ve just seen the light and I have to say I’m blown away. I watch jets, e.g. passenger liners, fighters all day long around here, and this just blew everything I know out of the water.

    What the hell was it that we saw… I was about to call the local Police station to report an air accident; a balloon on fire or a hang glider maybe… it was that big. Then, it just calmed down and sped-away.

    I am a computer scientist and firmly believe in Richard Dawkins theories, so please do put me in the same realm of those nut jobs that happened to witness some weird stuff while drinking too much, under the influence of drugs or any other kind of mental state. Both my wife and I saw it together and it was like something we’d never, ever experienced before.

    …It didn’t do anything like what we would have expected to have seen.

    Today is Friday 27th August 2010 and we saw this thing at around 9:20pm

    If anyone else saw it; great, they might be able to add their bit too. Fingers crossed.

  11. yes i saw the same weid orange light circlier in shape and pretty brigh but defo no chinese latin sorry bout spelling i have dislecia

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