Nottingham M1 Motorway-16th July 2009

Location of Sighting: Nottingham M1 motorway
Date of Sighting: 16th July 09
Time: 07.00
Witness Name: Chris

Witness Statement: Saw a large cylindrical object hovering over the M1 around the J26 area at 7.00am. Thought it could have been airport related but I have never seen anything like it that could suggest it was. Passed slowly over the motorway and headed over towards Nottingham before I lost sight, as I was traveling southbound. Several workmates also witnessed this. If anyone has any information on what it could have been, or is you saw it, let me know.

Source: Direct request on UK-UFO

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  1. We saw an object over Netherfield Nottingham at 10.15pm on 16 July 2009.

    This object was like a hot air balloon without the ballon and the flame was very strong. The object moved very fast and silently.

    Can anyone please provide me with an explanation.

  2. Very unusual cube shape in sky approx 7:30am north nottinghamshire A614 towards nottingham (1 mile from burntstump junction) 16th july 2009 about the size of a house, dark grey and just hovering. Both me and my partner clearly saw this in amazement, we have no idea what it was, anyone else see this?

  3. In response to Wayne’s comment. I saw this exact same thing at the very same time as I was travelling from Grantham to Nottingham on my way to work on 16 July. I described it to family and friends just as Wayne has, being the size of a house and dark grey in colour and hovering on the ground. I managed to get some video footage but was quite a long way away. I later saw it in the sky at Radcliffe on Trent!

  4. Wayne & Helen, I beleive you could have seen what I saw, from your description with it not being long after I saw something. I described it to my friends, as being like a flying ‘biscuit tin’ I thought it was cylinder shaped, but this was from a distance. It had like a small bit coming out of the bottom center?

  5. Wayne, can you upload the footage or email it too me?

  6. I seen an object on fri night ( 09/10/09 about 8pm flying over bulwell, nottingham. It looked like a hot air ballon with out the actuall balloon. It was flying over then all of a sudden a saw flames drop from it. Then it just flew over.
    It was crazy!

  7. Hi Chris, I didnt get any footage as i was driving, i think from Helens reply she got some video footage, it may be worth contacing her. In the weeks after the sighting no-one believed either me or my prtner but i remain adamant on what we saw, it was the most unusual sightning ive ever experienced

  8. I 100% saw the chrome cylinder object, I observed it for several minutes, before it shot up.

  9. im sure what most of you saw was the goodyear airship it flew over nottingham a few times in mid july 09 in daytime and at evening times,me and my brother followed it in his car it wasnt till we got within half a mile from it that we realized it was an airship it came over bulwell twice between the 16th and 19th of july i remember it well because my brothers birthday is on 15th of july and my b’day is on the 19th july and were both astronomers and we both recorded it in our diarys,,it ended up over west bridgeford i think at the trent embankment and over the nottingham forest football ground,it made the nottingham evening post because alot of folk thought it was a ufo so it will be recorded in thier archive for anybody to see,it did look pretty convincing tho as a ufo it fooled me and my brother untill we were really close to it,,it was also mentioned on radio trent and radio will be also recorded in aviation flight log,

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