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NW London Wembley-9th September 2016

Location of Sighting: NW London Wembley
Date of Sighting: 9/9/16
Time: 4:00am
Witness Name: Dan
Witness Statement: Seen 1 dot light further away then a star very faint but visible enough see it moving across toward a big cloud, it then stops and waits 1 min and then starts moving quicker in to the cloud.
I seen 3 of the same lights moving about in the sky about 9 days prior to this and they were moving in different directions and again the dots of lights were all further away then stars, it was also the exact same time 4:00 am with the moon half bright and lighting up the clear sky.
I know what I seen, if this is not a very technological aircraft from Russia or something is my only far fetched guess but it’s not a joke, this was real. No aircraft can travel the distances across like this I’ve seen in such a short space of time, nothing!!!!!!


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Updated: September 11, 2016 — 8:30 pm


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  1. Hang on a minute. You saw a dot further away than a star which then moved into a cloud ?!? Did you actually read what you were posting before you pressed send? Celestial clouds indeed ! Incidentally,I don’t remember NW London being in a dark sky area to observe with such clarity. Absurd.

  2. “again the dots of lights were all further away then stars”

    That caught my attention; if they were further away than stars, they were a long, long way off. Also, how do you know they were further away? I’m genuinely curios.

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