Oadby, Leicester-September 1994

Location of Sighting: Oadby, Leicester
Date of Sighting: September 1994
Time: approx 23:00 hrs to 0:00 hrs
Witness Name: Glenn Jones

Witness Statement: My late friend and I stepped out of his back door and I noticed a bright white light in what was a clear night sky. The object traveled at great speed heading north from the south. The object promptly stopped instantly and headed back in the direction from which it came, traveling for a short distance. As it was night and with nothing to gauge the distance of the object, it was impossible to say how far the object had traveled before stopping dead in the sky. It repeated this several times before shooting off in a northerly direction. Years later after recounting the tale to my now ex wife, she also claimed to have seen a similar object in the same area just months before. I’m by no means claiming this to be an alien craft, but I have never heard anything moving like that and at such speed.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk

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  1. This sounds like Orbs or Ball lightning. Unfortunately this does not get
    us any further forward as both phenomenon are unknowns as far as
    science is concerned. What is known is they have been reported for
    many years all over the world. I was lucky enough to see two Orbs
    and the event (although interesting) just created more questions than
    answers, which I guess sums up the UFO subject in general.

  2. yesterday i was looking at a airplane in the sky and i seen a silver ball in the distance i thought it was a star but it was day light

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