Object Like A Star Moved Slowly From East To West – Leeds, England – 12th May 2019

Location Of Sighting :
Leeds England
Date Of Sighting :
Witness Name:
David Thomas
Witness Statement
I was stood at my back door which looks to the North. I could see what looked like a star, over a few minutes it moved slowly from East to West. After about 15 mins I couldn’t see it any more. It was clear blue skies. I have video, it’s pretty sketchy and I didnt film for long as I struggled to find the object with the camera. There are a few seconds where you can see it though.
Updated: May 28, 2019 — 3:21 pm


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  1. Hi Glen, I’m a reporter and I’d like to do a story on this – would you be able to email me please?

  2. How long was it in the sky for? Could it be the ISS?

  3. I’ve actually seen this, as well as family many times between 2011-2019 in West Leeds at varying times of day. It’s usually one but there has been two of the orbs before and they follow the same flight path each time (isn’t an aircraft route) gliding silently & when they get over wortley they just fade out slowly and dissapear. Have seen them at dusk once and it vanished into nothing with plenty of lighting

  4. These are usually satellites in low earth orbit glinting in the sun. They will be silent, and move in a straight path from one horizon to another. It’s worth seeing if you can find out if there were any satellites in the sky in your area at that time.

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