On M4, between Reading and Heathrow Airport-14th August 2010

Location of Sighting: Around the M4, between the outskirts of Reading and Heathrow Airport
Date of Sighting: 14th August 2010
Time: 9:30pm-10:00pm
Witness Name: Munro

Witness Statement: Me and my family were driving back from our holiday in Cornwall, along the M4. We were heading for Kent. As the light began to fade, I noticed a small but bright orange light smoothly flying from the south. I thought it might be a chinese lantern, but it was moving far to quickly. It crossed the motorway and headed over to a town. It then stopped, and the ornage light dissapered. It now began flashing white and red. As we drove past the town, it started moving slowly towards the road. Thinking that this might be a UFO, I looked around to see if it was alone. It wasn’t. Behind us, at about 2000-3000ft were 2 more of he objects, also flashing. They were moving at about the speed of the traffic on the road. Then another appeared, on the right side of the road. It was much lower, and going at what I guessed around 100mph. All the objects followed the road perfectly until Heathrow Airport. They suddenly sped up and went over to the airport. Each of them took position around the airport and hovered. All of them were at fifferent heights, most of them being close to the ground, but one of them was much higher, and only jus visible. We then turnd off the M4 and onto the M25. The objects continued to hover their. I was then drwan to a birght light in the corner of my eye. It was another object, now hovering just 100 feet off the ground. It was also motionless. As we strated to leave the Hethrow area, I saw another orange light, but much further away. It then started flashing, before disapeering out of sight. But then, the object which had been very high up came down to under 1,000ft, and drifted over the road. I saw, that it was a golden brown colour, and was shaped like a rectangle with the corneres cut off. There was small blue light in the centre, and search lights could be seen on the front (there was a faint fog on the night) Finally, it spead off back to Heathrow. I have drawn a diagram of what the object looked like below:


Another thing: Through out the encounter, we saw NO aircraft landing or taking off from Heathrow.

Did anyone else see these objects, and was Heathrow closed because of them?

Update: 18th August 2010

Submitted by: George Martin
Message : With regard to the sighting Reading-Heathrow on the 14th August, I thought the following actual flight and departure times to and from Heathrow airport might be of interest.

Heathrow arrivals 14/08/2010

No arrivals between 2125 and 2201

Arrivals after 2201:-

Lisbon BA503 Arrived 2201 56 minutes late

Pisa BA603 Arrived 2239 109 minutes late

Tel Aviv BA164
Arrived 2239 139 minutes late

Dalaman BA7008
Arrived 2315 150 minutes late

Cairo BD772 Arrived 0016 206 minutes late

Heathrow departures 14/08/2010

Only one departure between 2115 ? 2125.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk

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Updated: August 19, 2010 — 10:01 pm

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  1. me and my friend saw this exact same thing like an hour ago it was visible for about a minute it looked like a gold bar or something at first

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