Over Great Harwood near Blackburn-26th July 2009

Location of Sighting: Over Great Harwood near Blackburn
Date of Sighting: 26/07/09
Time: aprox 11.30pm
Witness Name: David + many others

Witness Statement: we all saw 4 light at 1st two quite close together and then a second 2 slightly further behind, orange lights no flashing just solid lights and then they ascended over our heads and then dissapeared, then about 5 mins later from the same direction a 5th light followed again no flashing like a plane would and no noise at all, it also dissapeared in a simalar location above

Source: Direct request on UK-UFO

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  1. This sounds exactly like what I saw over Cambridge about 10:15 pm on 25th July 2009. Four orange lights, two flying close together, then another two some distance behind. No sound, objects following a straight trajectory (SW to NE), apparently flying very fast. Difficult to judge how high up they were, but assumed to be some distance away. Binoculars failed to reveal any further detail, just the orange light, which was steady and did not blink or flicker in any way.

  2. again, very similar to my report (stanifield lane leyland), but there were more, flying low level. maybe 1000ft. approx size of a cesnar aeroplane/ helicopter. police helicopter hovered in the distance watching them, so got a good comparison of height and size. they cost £6000 an our to run the police helicopter. they didn’t spend 1/2 hour in the air to watch chinese lanterns.rang local newspaper and the times (because i thought the times was a serious paper). they took my name and number. i’ve heard nothing off them. they are not really news papers. just entertainment pages.spend 2 hours of your lives to educate yourselves. you tube ZIETERGIEST. it’s not about ufo’s. but you will see the world in a different way.

  3. All 4 of us seen 6 orange lights, 2 close together and all the others were hovering like they didnt know were to go then they all went in the same direction then suddenly dissapeared into the sky. They were a constant bright orange and from were we we stood looked like the size of footballs. We have never seen anything like this before and definately were not aeroplanes. What are they and why are they hovering over Hyndburn. Weird or what.

  4. spine chillers are there for you to see…now realise

  5. Last night 19/09/2009 i was on guard duty at waterbeach barracks me and my colleague spotted what seemed to be 3 solid orange lights move across the sky one moved off looked to go higher then the other 2 disapeared instantly. It took 20 minutes in total to cross they were definetely not flares would of burned out and came down in a min or 2 def not planes as planes do not use orange light at all. Against intl law. Also they were far to equally spaced an in formation to be meteors. Could anyone explain? I do not believe they were chinese lanterns, also at the same time a number of police and firengines screemed through the village.

  6. saw the same thing over blackburn moving west to east I have seen it before and both times there has been a police presence at the same time as the sighting . the first time I saw this ufo a year or so ago there was a police helicopter in the vacinity and tonnight just after I saw it there were lots of police around? makes you wonder..

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