Oxford Divinity Road/Hill Top Road -Oxford-1st May 2016

Location of Sighting: Oxford Divinity Road/Hill Top Road -Oxford
Date of Sighting: 01/05/2016
Time: 01:30
Witness Name: Alice Fahey

Witness Statement:I was looking out my window whilst on Facetime, when i saw these 3 lights off white but very bright on top of this house. They were still, so i wondered what they could’ve been as I’d never seen them before. Suddenly it was obvious these lights were part of a saucer shaped object as it began to move upwards. I knew it wasn’t a plane or a helicopter. As it moved upwards i saw red lights on it too and it made a really loud humming indescribable sound . I showed this on Facetime to my friend so i have another witness. It then continued to move behind a building so i couldn’t see it any longer but I could still here the loud noise, the noise was so loud I’d expected people to hear it. It pushed all the air outwards as it moved. It could not have been an airplane or a helicopter due to where it was it was very close and from what I saw above a house.


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Updated: May 1, 2016 — 5:46 pm


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  1. I’ve been looking for someone who witnessed what I saw. The only thing was me and my partner saw it in may 2015. We saw half way down divinity rd 4 lights just above a house. 2 big bright white lights with 2 smaller lights at about 45 degrees from the main 2. They were just hovering above the roof top as me and my partner rode down divinity rd together on moped. I saw it for about 5 to 7 seconds before we rode out of view. I was shocked when my partner suddenly said what was that and pulled over. I ran back up the street and never saw it again. The brightness from those lights is what struck me the most. I’ve tried to find a 3rd person to reinforce what I saw.

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