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Cigar Shaped Craft-Himalayas-About 1950

Location Of Sighting : Himalayas – Sunderland Library Date Of Sighting : About 1950 Witness Name: Thomas Nash Witness Statement In a non-fiction book on mountain climbing in the Himalayas, I came across a pen and ink sketch showing a four-man party with two pack-ponies trekking along a scrubby mountain ridge. Above and a 100 […]

Bright Light – London-10th April 2019

Location Of Sighting : London Date Of Sighting : 10/04/19 Time: 22:40 Witness Name: Would like to remain anonymous Witness Statement I looked out the window and saw a mesmerizing bright light. It looked like a star or a fireball in the far distance. I assumed it could’ve been a plane going down as London […]