Paisley-25th September 2013

Location of Sighting: Paisley
Date of Sighting: 25/09/2013
Time: 19:43
Witness Name: David Johnston

Witness Statement: happened to look up at the sky after putting stuff in the bin and seen a triangular shape in the sky moving like no other conventional aircraft, watched for a good 10 mins as it darted back and forwards at amazing speed, eventually descended below the rooftops and 2 mins later went so fast upright into the clouds and made a crack like thunder as it went into the clouds, i imagine it must have broke the sound barrier or something, i felt so over whelmed by the whole experience and think about it everyday. P.S I have spoken to other people who have seen the same thing and can back up everything i seen that night


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Updated: October 1, 2013 — 9:41 pm


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  1. Hi David,
    Wow! – This sighting is something else! First thoughts are that it is some sort of military aircraft – BUT, this ‘descended below the rooftops’ – surely, this is no conventional jet one as everyone would have been thinking that it was going to crash into the residential area! You describe ‘a sharp crack’ – yes, this may have meant that it had gone through the sound barrier perhaps and produced a small sonic boom (the speed of sound is roughly 700mph at sea level). Many, many other people must have also witnessed this. Also, three questions – roughly how big would you have estimated it to be, what colour was it and did it have any lights?
    This may have been some sort of remote controlled aircraft, but I am unaware that these can travel at such great speed!
    Perhaps someone else can come up with any other viable ideas! -Paul

  2. David, you say this object ‘descended below the rooftops’. How large was it? Have you or other witnesses contacted the police or air traffic control?

  3. Interesting sighting. Very similar to my own, see Sauchenford Stirling earlier this year. Could you estimate size, colour, any lights, engines or sound/absence of noise. Too many people have seen this craft flying around Scotland for many years now for all of us to be discounted as mistaken. Keep looking as these craft have a habit of reappearing in the same area. If you had to guess, which direction/vector would it have been heading when it left your area. Do not feel embarrassed if your answer is ‘up into space’ because that is a fair assumption. Does not,however, prove that these craft are not human in origin. Like me, I bet you really regret not having had time to take a photo.

  4. There’s no such thing as a localised sonic boom. There would have been reports from further afield in Scotland and Northern England, but nothing.
    Look what happened when the Typhoons were scrambled last year and went supersonic.

    This has to have been seen by someone else in Glasgow. Anything else in the ‘papers, David? The sceptic in me says where’s the evidence?

  5. Sonic boom at that height, most of the windows, chimney’s and windows would have had damaged. People in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Ayr, Bute, Faslane, Dundee and Aberdeen would have heard it.

    Your right on the approach/take off for Glasgow airport, maybe they can shed some light.

  6. Hi David

    I read your report with interest. You maybe interested to read my Colchester reports dated: 08/08/2012, 28/08/2012, 26/09/2013.

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