Parbold, Lancashire-9th January 2012

Location of Sighting: Parbold, Lancashire
Date of Sighting: 9/1/12
Time: 17.30pm
Witness Name: Not Given

Witness Statement: Driving through the backroads by charity farm fisheries, back end of Wrightington and I saw something look like it took off from a field but then I cant be too sure, it could have been the angle. Anyway thought It could have been Dave Whealans Helicopter, until it flew over me looked crazy lke a massive triangle , big flat grey spere as the front but the lights were so bright, it was giant, it made a slight wasnt exactly a hum but it didmt sound like a plane either, it flew out over chorley way doing spins I watched it for 10 minutes until it juat flew off all its lights went out and i couldnt see it it was lkeit had vanished into thin air. i have never seen anything like this in my life.


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Updated: January 10, 2012 — 8:22 pm


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  1. So was it a Sphere or a Triangle, any lights? Where was the bright light if you could see the craft spinning?
    Could you draw a picture from memory?

  2. I can confirm same sighting. While driving north bound on M6, I became aware of the same unexplained object in the sky. As said in above statement I thought it could be a helicopter as well, but after I watched it manoeuvre from one side of the carriage way to other and with the extended light configuration I am positive it was not something I had seen flying before.
    The object was seen by every driver around me plus it must have been seen by thousand of others, being In the middle of the evening rush hour.
    I feel a little publicity and a lot more witnesse would come forward.

  3. I saw he same last night coming off at parbold I saw similar over Wigan it then seemed to be over bp garage thn disappeared weird!

  4. Hi, Yes seen same thing last year, look up Quinton, Birmingham, West Midlands. People are seeing these triangle crafts that dissapear in an instant everywhwere, I’d like to know what they are too.

  5. Could someone draw an image of this craft, any wings, tail fins, location of lights, approx size.
    email it to

  6. I think these sightings were Chinese lanterns.

  7. I wrote the original account above, wasnt chinese lanterns, it was a craft of some sort it flew right over my head for christ sake, i couldnt quite make out the actual shape looked triangle but flying flat bit forward, point at the back and that is why i thought it was a helicopter, you would have been able to see it from the m6 so loads of people must have seen it, this thing was huge, the reason i couldnt make out the shape properly and im just going off the light pattern because the lights at the front were so bright. Anyway can anyone explain this?

  8. Driving through Newburgh on the same night at about 5.30 I saw the whole sky light up green/blue, it was so bright it lit up the inside of the car too, it looked like there was a darker blue sphere over Parbold hill way. It lasted a good few seconds, and there were 2 others in the car who witnessed it too.

  9. Is a tr 3b a real craft though, is their proof?

  10. Years ago when I was a kid I too witnessed a triangle shaped object in the night sky. It must have been in the early 1990’s when I saw it. I was out with two friends, when I noticed an object with 3 lights on moving. The lights were located as if at the corners of a triangle. Each light was similar in colour (white) and of same size. It was really high up and made no sound. I found it hard to point out to the friends I was with.

  11. Driving down Preston New Road near Preston, tonight 19th April 2012 at 21.30, no other cars on road, when ahead I saw bright lights hovering over road, when I approached I had to drive under it, triangle shaped object Grey in colour and with 3 bright White lights with Blue flashing lights. There was no sound coming from the craft. After I passed it I looked in my mirror and it had disappeared, I was terrified. As anyone else see this.

  12. They all could be the TR-3B Astra/Araura they are American spy planes that were being tested for a while around the UK, not sure if BAE Systems had something to do with them, but there are two bases that I know of, both in Lancashire, where they could of been from, one is BAE Systems at Warton Nr. Frecklton along the A584 heading from Preston towards Blackpool and the other being at BAE Systems at Samlesbury on A59 towards Clitheroe from Preston:- TR-3B (Astra) from Area 51 Secret Antigravity Spacecraft,

  13. 10th of January 2012 … I lived in burscough in a bungalow behind house has no street lights etc so the stars and sky are all clear at night… about 2 am in the morning I went outside into back garden to have a cigarette… in the sky was 4 stars moving in sync like a triangle with one red ball moving up down left and right then continued moving left then right but was moving far to fast to be anything known … couldn’t believe it myself got my brother out of bed and he also witnessed this a hour later a green ball shot up from same area this red light was moving into space literally disapeard within seconds the stars where left but no longer the red dot moving weird but very true

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