Pascal Way, Letchworth-18th August 2009

Location of Sighting: Pascal Way, letchworth
Date of Sighting: 18 August 2009
Time: 23.30
Witness Name: Darren Chapman

Witness Statement: My brother and I were playing on the X box with the curtains open a fraction when we both noticed a massive orange globe in the sky. We rushed to the kitchen to watch it fly over. At first we thought it was an passenger jet ant when we went outside to look further we noticed it moved too slowly and was too big. The object made no noise and slowly moved out of sight behind some trees. The entire encounter lasted approx 10 mins.


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Updated: August 23, 2009 — 8:27 pm


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  1. How can you tell how big the object was? Without a clear point of reference on the ground, it’s hard to tell the size of an object in the sky.

  2. Saw something similar near Hitchin saturday 22nd August moving slowly S to N at around 8.45pm. Checked the star and planet charts but well to the right of Jupiter (which was visible). Clearly red/pink. Could have been a satellite discoloured by light pollution/refraction. Very bright and larger than ordinary star/satellite appears.

  3. Last night in Letchworth , about 3 am saw a stationery globe in the sky with about 8 or so bright lights in front of it.Was stationery the whole time I looked at it.Husband saw it too.AT first I thought it was a meteor shower in front of the moon but it was still. frozen.Eventually went to be after watching it for 10 mins.

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