Paulsgrove Portsmouth-January 1985

Location of Sighting: Paulsgrove Portsmouth
Date of Sighting: January 1985
Time: 22.45
Witness Name: Tony
Witness Statement: Waiting at bus stop to get last bus into town with friend, (friend was on route to bus stop when sighting occurred and didn’t witness, there was another man waiting at stop with me) was a clear night and had a great view of the stars so was admiring the view and noticed what I thought was a cluster of stars directly above me in a circle and looking more closely at them they appeared to be moving (very slowly) from south to north, then all of a sudden one of these objects shot ahead of the others north at an incredible speed, literally at a blink of an eye, I was shocked at looked around at the other man who was also looking up at the sky an said, did you see that and he just looked at me opened mouthed and nodded, with that my friend and bus arrived and I told my friend when we got on bus and said that the man also witnessed the incident.
This was the first of tree sightings I had in the mid 80s the other two were 86 or 87 although both in summer months and one was also at a bus stop but in daylight of what looked like a ball of fire over Gosport, again from Paulsgrove but I had a clear view across Portsmouth harbour from my position, the other was a v formation of lights high in the sky (traveling from east to west) in the early hours when walking home from my girlfriends. If you would like any more details please contact me.


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  1. I saw a flaming ball of light while I was waiting at a bus stop near the football stadium (I was working there building the new seating area at fratton park )

  2. Hi terry, can you remember the year and what part of the city was the light over.

  3. All three of my sightings were on the same road, allaway Ave that runs through Paulsgrove and within half a mile of each other.

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