Peel Park, Bradford-Around 1979-1982

Location of Sighting: Information Peel Park, Bradford
Date of Sighting: Around 1979-1982
Witness Name: Sean

Witness Statement: Hi this is not to report a sighting but to ask anybody who lived near Peel Park Bradford if they remember something strange going on not sure what year but think it was between 1979-1982. A friend at school told me that something came down in an area behind the park & military people American & British were there. This particaular area at night- glowed like daylight as he could see the area from where he lived.Also a work colleague of my father told him the same & that he had seen strange lights over the Bolton woods quarry around the same time. I would like to hear from anybody who remembers this incident as I forgot about it but now trying to find out more about it if I can.


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  1. I recall an incident as a child when I was aged approx. 12 or 13 and I lived in the Undercliffe area, sometime roughly around 1980-ish. I was with two friends in an area called Myra Shay, playing around on a bicycle, when we saw a ‘probe’ type object, traveling from direction of Bradford Moor golf club, turned left and floated right pass at a distance of about 40 – 50 ft away, at an approximate height of about 50ft. The object was spinning and was cylindrical, metallic appearance, and made no sound. It was about the size of a small car. As it went past us I fell off the bike over the handlebars for some reason. It headed towards a path called Greenway towards Carlton Bolling school, and out of view. I never told anyone until now, and have lost contact with the childhood friends who were there, but would like to find them – Gurmeet Singh, Amarjit Singh.

  2. A friend of mine said she once saw lights coming out of Bolton Woods quarry and dancing about in the air, early one morning whilst walking her dog, but I don’t know what year it was.

  3. Thanks for your reply still trying to find out more about this it was probably 1979-80 as i was at carlton bolling school when friend mentioned it & my dads mate told my father about military people been around back area of the park & a particular area shining like daylight when dark.

    Amarik i remember some of me friends been sat outside carlton bolling youth club around 1980 saying they saw a bright light come up from the golf course then shoot towards them so it was over head then it then went out & it was a clear winters night but they saw nothing I saw something similar in 84 with me mates over same area

  4. I remember reading about the UFO incident in the local paper in 1982-ish. I googled ‘Bradford UFO Bolton Woods quarry’ and was pleased to find this link and a witness statement. According to the local paper strange lights were seen in Laisterdyke Myra Shay area and ended up in Bolton Woods quarry.If my memory is correct I believe the incident occurred in 1982 when I was 17.

    The Peel Park incident was in 1980 and according to the local newspaper, Bradford Telegraph and Argus, it was a bomb explosion that occurred in the early hours leaving a crater. Maybe a ‘bomb explosion’ was a cover story but that was the front page headline at the time.

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