Pelsall, Staffordshire-1960

Location of Sighting: Pelsall, Staffordshire.
Date of Sighting: 1960
Time: Early Evening.
Witness Name: Andrew

Witness Statement: Would like to share a sighting my Aunt had many years ago and so far remains unexplained.
My aunt had been a passenger in a car which had stopped out side a family friend?s bungalow in Railswood Drive Pelsall. The year was probably 1959-1960, my aunt being around 18 years old and born in early 1942, the season either late autumn or early spring as it was early evening and almost dark. The driver, my aunt?s father had gone inside to talk to his friend. Whilst sitting in the car she observed an object hovering over a nearby wood. She had not seen the object arrive. The object was disc shaped in profile having a slightly domed top with a flatter bottom. The wooded area the object was seen over is approximately 200 yards from the parked car toward the ESE. There was sufficient daylight to make out the silhouette of the trees in the wood.
The object was stationary and remained in the same location for at least 30 seconds and possibly up to a minute and was a red orange colour, being described as flame like in appearance or like ?looking into a fire?. The object then ?shot off? at great speed travelling almost too quickly to follow by eye and disappeared. The dimensions of the object can be estimated by its apparent location over the wood and measures approximately 200 feet long by 62 feet high. The ratio of length to height was taken from a sketch provided by my aunt. The altitude of the object was 100-150 feet. The object made no sound.
My aunt has lived in and around the village all her life and as a child played in the fields and wood the object was seen above so knows the area intimately.
I’am not really expecting anybody to remember this event after all these years
but thought I would record it here anyway.


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