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  1. 21:55 wednesday the 8th of July……….. my mum and dad called me in to the kitchen to see an orange light in the sky thaveling noth to south. we went out side with 2 camera’s it didnt show up it turn at a 90degrees when it got next to our house there was no wind at that time so i don’t see why it turned when it turned the light went out.

  2. I’m going back a few years now and don’t have a date but I’m guessing Sept/Oct 2004 ish we were closing after a ‘duck’ show/sale in Solva, and a few of us saw several coloured lights go down at the back end of land owned by one of the party with us…+ no noise, and not in the format of aeroplane or helicopter as we all ruled these out…None of us knew of any tests or similar being carried out from Broady either. Also those in the group also ruled out flares as they had seen prev. Nothing ever turned up from either the land owner or local papers and we were from all walks of life so questioned them considerably for some time…

  3. Last Sunday afternoon 10th March. I was walking along The Paragon next to the Imperial Hotel in Tenby around 4.00pm, There was a really dramatic looking storm cloud out to sea. as I looked at it a bright glowing ball came out of it and dropped to the sea.
    I was amazed! then another followed it, slowly falling to the sea.
    A third, larger ball dropped, then shot off again at great speed behind Caldey Island.
    Kicking myself for not having my phone with me.

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