Pendle Hill, Lancashire-28th July 2012

Location of Sighting: Pendle Hill, Lancashire, UK
Date of Sighting: 28th July 2012
Time: Between 12.00am and 2am
Witness Name: Emmy Jay and Simon Lee

Witness Statement: After spending a peaceful evening in the small wood a short distance S,SE from the summit of Pendle Hill, beside Ogden Clough reservoir, opposite Fell Wood, my fiance and I heard shouting and a screaming sound shortly afterwards, so, fearing someone was being attacked we left the woods and began to walk along the track that runs along side the reservoir towards the short end of Pendle Hill, heading to where we thought the sound had originated.

After a few minutes we spotted a shooting star in the sky above the tree-line of Fell Wood. Despite having been worried after the screaming, we were beginning to suspect animals and/or teenagers had made the noises and we were really pleased to have seen a shooting star. We carried on along the track for less than two minutes before we saw a second and, in quick succession a third shooting star. Having only seen one shooting star myself and Simon never having seen one before, I began to think that this was a little bizarre.

Soon afterwards we spotted a small white light (like a star) just above the tree-line but this one was moving slowly and silently eastwards, we both thought at first that it must be a light aircraft, but then the light appeared to grow brighter as though it had turned towards us, and it dipped down in front of the trees for a moment before turning away revealing two lights and then disappearing behind the tree line.

We carried on along the path, without any sight or further sound of people.

As the path curved to face Pendle Hill we spotted a similar light just above the horizon over the valley between the hill to our right and Pendle Hill itself, it moved slowly just above the horizon and then the sky lit up momentarily around it as though there had been a lightning strike but without a visible bolt, and then to our horror the white light moved slowly to the ground and began moving towards us through the long grass, lighting up the blades of grass around it slightly as it moved slowly and what could only be described as deliberately and smoothly. We were frozen with fear as it got closer, it moved out of sight as it followed the lay of the land into a trench and we waited a few minutes before we dared to move again but the light didn\’t reappear. We moved a little further along the path, to where there is a thicket of trees to the right of the path, where, shocked, we both witnessed a bright blue light in the sky (which is quite difficult to accurately describe but I will try my best). It was similar in colour to a gas flame, being a lighter blue around the edges and deeper blue towards the centre it was a long thin rectangle shape with pointed tapering ends (like an elongated, double ended torpedo shape) it appeared in the sky above and slightly in front of us at an angle of around 45 degrees and was vividly bright. It only remained in the sky for seconds, but it was almost as though the sky was torn open to reveal the light, as the edges of the shape were sharp and the sky around it was not lightened around it, (as you would expect if it had been a physical object giving off light) and then it was gone in an instant.

At this point I was terrified, and although Simon wanted to investigate further, I wanted to call it a day and turned for home.

I am writing this at 12pm, the same day, having not yet slept. I have not used our real names, as I know how far-fetched this sounds, and I have no desire to be ridiculed. I can only promise whole-heartedly that despite how ridiculous this account may sound it is absolutely true, (I would not have believed it myself if I had heard it from someone else).
I would be happy to disclose further information and hear from people who have had similar experiences. Feel free to email me at , but please note that I will only respond to genuine people.


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  1. Emmy/Jay
    What a fantastic sighting.
    I totally understand where you are coming from regarding the feelings of terror these lights/objects provoke in us, particularly when they venture a little too close for comfort.

    It’s just as well you were with company. Imagine experiencing such a sighting in a dark field in the middle of nowhere all on your tod??

    Be interesting to hear if you have any future sightings with these same lights you mention in your report.

    Did you find out where the strange noises you heard came from?
    Will you consider going back to the scene of the crime sometime in the future? hopefully equipped with a camera to capture some footage.

    Thanks for sharing.
    I found it a very interesting and well documented report of your sighting.

  2. Emm

    How big was the orb in the grass?

  3. Fascinating account, the screaming would have freaked me out, let alone the UFOs! I hope you get some good responses and hopefully other witnesses.

  4. Hi Emmy, the elongated, double ended torpedo shapethat you described – was it aligned vertically or horizontally?

  5. wow… how amazing to have such a sighting, i havent had any ridicule on this page so i wouldnt worry, i think your sighting sounds genuine and must have been quite scary, thanks for sharing with us 🙂

  6. Hi Emmy,don,t feel silly at reporting this,its very important to get your sighting out,this sounds a bit of a wierd one to me,the moving star like objects can most definitly be put down to satelites,the screeming could have been people fooling around,but what strikes me is the light that came down and followed the path and the blue gas like light,please reply on what the weather was like to eliminate ball lightning,there is also the possability of marsh gas or willow the whisp,or even something stranger?,please give more detail if you can,thanks

  7. Emm
    Further to my earlier reply, the noise you heard is most likely to have been a Fox, especially a Vixen or a night bird,or as previously mentioned someone messing around, although I’d opt for a Fox. Don’t forget to give us the exact positon if you can, such as a grid ref.

  8. Hi. I have been spotting things in blackburn too. Check out the “blue beam project” online. This might help.

  9. I am going to to try to answer each of you with this one reply. Thank you everyone for your responses.
    I spend a good many summer evenings around Pendle Hill. I have lived close by all my life and know the area as well as is possible.

    Alec – i am very familiar with the terrifying screeches foxes make and am familiar with the local fauna well enough to rule the wildlife out. The screams sounded primal, but I thought human. There was no further sound upon leaving the woods and no visible evidence of people either, however there are a lot of places to hide.

    R Adam – I would agree with you about satellites if the lights had not changed direction, the light that came down into the grass was white in colour and approximately the size of a tennis ball. It moved slowly through the grass, and it moved directly towards us.

    Marie Bishop – Thank you for your support, I couldn’t find anywhere else to report this.

    Tom – The blue torpedo shape in the sky was positioned at a 45 degree (ish) from vertical { / <– in that orientation. }

    Albert – Trust me I was terrified enough with someone else there, I would have had a blooming heart attack alone! I have been to the same spot many many times and will probably be back again this weekend (weather permitting), but I have never ever experienced anything at all like this. 17 years ago (when I was 17) I saw some white lights moving in impossible ways over Quarry Hill Nature reserve but I have seen nothing since.)I will definitely take some thing to try to capture anything next time.

    I know that there were meteor showers last weekend as well, but try as I might (and I have tried, I am quite interested in meteorology) I cannot rationalize most of our experience away. I was so scared I began thinking invasions, abductions and other sci-fi film related horrors. Sitting at home now it seems so unbelievable that I think if I had have been alone I would have talked myself into believing it hadn't happened at all.

  10. I forget Peter :(. Thank you. I hope so too!

  11. I will post grid reference soon. Going to check out Project Blue Beam in a mo.

  12. I would have to discount the Blue Beam project, since the area is sparsely inhabited and it would not make economic sense to project a hologram that only has the potential to be seen by a handful of people.

  13. SD 81399 40046 – Grid reference where we were standing when we saw the first “shooting star”.(precise)

    (SD 81399 40046 – SD 81614 39831 – SD 81668 39570) – grid reference path of first shooting star, with the others slightly west of this path on a similar trajectory.(estimate)

    SD 81200 39894 – where we were standing when we saw the “light” that came down to ground. (precise)

    SD 80990 40002 – estimated spot where the light came down.

    (SD 80990 40002 – SD 81143 39941) path of “light” before dipping out of sight. (latterly precise)

    SD 81042 39895 – where we were when we saw the “blue torpedo”. (precise)

    SD 80943 39825 – approximate ground to sky placement of “blue torpedo”.

  14. Oh and the weather was still and warm without too much humidity.

  15. The moving light in the grass sounds like some kind of ball lightning / plasma ball?

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