Penparc – Cardigan – Ceredigion-27th September 2009

Location of Sighting: Penparc – Cardigan – Ceredigion
Date of Sighting: 27th September 2009
Time: 8.45p.m.
Witness Name: Nick + Erika Partis

Witness Statement: We were returning to our home in our car from the Cardigan direction and as we began to climb the hill at Penparc, I saw what I at first thought was a reflection of the orange street light through our sunroof – I remarked about it to my wife and then we realised it could not possibly be a reflection as it was still there after we passed the street light. I accelerated up the hill and turned into Heol-y-Felin where we stopped and got out. We watched this orange cone shaped light move slowly over the roofs of the houses and then stop dead in the air above us. Then it moved again sideways – stopped – moved again the opposite way and again stopped. I had knocked on a neighbors door and he came out and saw the light too. We managed to get a photo of the object – but it is just an orange dot against blackness. The light then moved away at amazing speed Eastwards in the direction of Lampeter. We had watched it for about 5 mins.


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Updated: October 1, 2009 — 5:26 pm


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  1. I also had a strange sighting,two of us in the car on the drive way to Castell Malgwyn (Wednesday 8th 2009), a light appeared right behind the car, not orange though, was like very strong car lights, we were making a U turn on the drive so we stopped to let the car pass, then the lights just vanished, it was very weird.

  2. well a couple of years ago my dad and i saw something strange object in ceredigion he woke me up about one o clock in the morning to see this strange object itwent across above the trees towards ferwig way for ages it was there bluish and white it very odd i never saeen anything like or since it scared me

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