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Pensol France – early September 2013

Location of Sighting: Pensol France
Date of Sighting: early September 2013
Time: 2200 hours
Witness Name: David Kenna

Witness Statement:I watched what I thought was a small aircraft which was a good distance away from me but near enough for me to hear an engine but no sound was emitting from it,it shows what I could say were port holes but were lit and big enough for me to see at the distance I was from it,the size of the ports were much larger than known aircraft and also the speed I thought it to be travelling at was to slow for an aircraft, I first thought it could have been on its way to Limoges airport but the direction was wrong as it was too low and heading towards CHALUS,the windows were too large to my mind?i have posted before as we do have very clear sky here and some may rubbish what I saw but I did witness this,


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Updated: December 5, 2013 — 10:58 pm


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  1. Hi David,
    Yes, I remember one of your reports from some time back! –
    My first question is: Why has it taken you so long to report your latest sighting – it is now December and your sighting was in September 2013!
    I am in no way disputing what you say you saw – but what it was I have no real idea!! Anyone else got any thoughts?? -Paul

  2. Sounds like a blimp to me

  3. What known aircraft? What do you mean too slow? After all it was a small aircraft!

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