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Pentlands, Edinburgh-17th July 2012

Location of Sighting: Pentlands, Edinburgh
Date of Sighting: 17 July, 2012
Time: 11.45pm
Witness Name: Simon Chate

Witness Statement: Just saw my first UFO, up near the Pentlands, Edinburgh, off Calder exit from the City Bypass. I was sitting at the lights, about to turn right into Lanark Rd, when I saw this bight yellow light, hovering way up high, and I knew it wasn\’t a plane – as they don\’t move in that way! The light then moved slowly down behind some trees then myself, and one other person, saw this light \”bounce\” back up higher into the sky, moving in a way I\’ve never seen planes/helicopters, etc. move before, and then it moved slowly out of sight again. Freaky!


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Updated: July 18, 2012 — 10:04 pm


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  1. Hi Simon, I see you replied to my sighting! Nice to read your sighting, and to know that i’m not the only one seeing strange lights over the pentlands! Keep looking and reporting, i’ve had a few sightings now just amazing!Fiona

  2. Leanne Stimpson-Lumb

    Captured my first U.F.O on film at 03.30am this morning (20th July 2012) over Edinburgh. I spotted a small light (about the size of the North star) and an even bigger bright white light slightly lower and to the left of this smaller light. The lights were just that, bright lights, not moving at all. At first I thought this may have been a star/planet but realised that I was looking across at these rather than looking up, which would indicate that these were low lying lights. I live to the West of Edinburgh City with views of the Pentland hills.

  3. Leanne, why have you posted as a reply to someone’s account? Post again as a sighting, and provide a link to your footage. Can’t wait……

  4. Hi this evening while still light I saw two groups of small lights flying across high in the sky where I live in the southside of Edinburgh there was a group of five and another group of 3 to 4 then some single lights dotted about. It was baffling but exciting too to see. I have been thinking it was a flock of birds with the sun catching their underside as I later saw one or two birds with this reflection but the first sighting was flying smoothly across the sky whereas the birds fly back and forth and in a circle

  5. Saw the one over the Pentlands, seen the same type there before a few years ago, three of them descending, very cool to see, and no it wasn’t the sun shining off Uranus, it was aliens, I’ll bet my ballbags on it

  6. I concur with the king on this…..i am unable to bet my man sacks on this though due to a childhood accident

  7. I have seen this twice in the past few years there is something strange up there

    Have a video of the first time I saw it but the phone I used is broken

    Saw it again last night 24/6/2018
    After watching it for awhile decided to get my phone and it completely disappeared

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