Perfect Formation Of Lights-Liverpool-29th November 2019

Location Of Sighting :
Date Of Sighting :
6.25 am
Witness Name:
Kevin +Colette G
Witness Statement
At 6.25am my self and my wife on the way to work saw what we that to be a shooting star as we watched we saw a second one heading in the same direction then a third one so we stopped to watch and the lights keep coming all the lights were spaced out the same we counted about 20 plus heading the same way the last two we saw seemed to be together at the back it was like a perfect formation of lights
Updated: November 29, 2019 — 2:57 pm


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  1. Hi

    My partner saw something very similar while waking her dog in the Shrewsbury area. However it was on Thursday 28th Nov when she saw a string of equally spaced bright lights going west to east at 05.45. She counted over 50 of them before having to continue her walk. They were solid white lights, not flashing and she could hear no noise from them.

  2. I also saw a string of bright lights over Montgomery Mid-Wales at 06:25 29/11/2019 I saw about 35 one after the other going west to east directly over top of me,it lasted less than 5 mins, some where close to others and the last two where very close some lights seemed to catch other up, but I did not see them pass by has others have reported, these lights where brighter than the space station and twice as fast as it, at about the same height, they where not Chinese lanterns.

  3. Seen the same line of lights today at 06:25 03/11/2019 Mid-Wales counted 35 going W-N-W to E-S-E the gaps where bigger between then and it lasted for 10 mins, saw a large Airplane fly under them so they are higher than that, these are satellites or something like that.

  4. I think these are Elon Musk’s Starlink Satellites, they start off in night time orbit and will move to a day time orbit and hopefully not be seen.

  5. “they where not Chinese lanterns.” – no, you’re right; these are the Spacex Starlink satellite’s being put into space by Elon Musk’s company to internet coverage. You’ll see many more in the future if you keep looking!

  6. Re Perfect formation of Lights over Liverpool reported by Kevin and Collette 29th Nov 2019….I saw the same thing last night 29th December 2019 over Wirral amazing like a string of pearls but no thread equi spaced same speed in perfect line. I reported to Liverpool Airport then to RAF Anglesey.They said they interested.

  7. Idont think they are the Musk 5g humanity grilling satellites as almost identical sitings go back over the last year or so before Musk. Same seen over Arozona desert abt 2years ago.

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