Perfectly Formed Line Of Bright Lights – Leicestershire – 24th May 2019

Location Of Sighting :
Date Of Sighting :
Witness Name:
Kieran, Chris, Kerry & Mercedes
Witness Statement
Perfectly formed line of bright lights moving from south west to north east. Around 15-20 clustered close together with 4-5 followed behind spaced apart. Around the same size as stars. Have video and photos.
Updated: May 28, 2019 — 1:00 pm


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  1. Myself an 4 others witnessed the same thing in cardiff

  2. My partner and I were on Brighton beach late that night and saw exactly this !!! It came from out at sea, very fast, like a train in the sky… didn’t get photos, would love to see some!

  3. I also seen it from Northumberland and it looked like yellowish led strip light coming from west to east ..was huge in the sky and gave me a fright lol..would love to see your vid and pics

  4. how can i see the video of this?

  5. sounds a lot like the phoenix lights of 97

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